Show Appreciation During Customer Service Week on Any Budget

September 10, 2013

Customer Service Week is a nationally observed recognition holiday and a great opportunity to make a big deal about the customer service stars at your organization! After all, research shows that employees are more engaged in their job when they feel valued and appreciated!

Below are some Customer Service Week ideas to celebrate the recognition holiday on any budget! Don’t forget to download our free Employee Event Planning Checklist to stay organized for the big event!

Shop the Essential Piece Theme

Pick a theme and go all out!
Using a theme is the easiest way to set the tone and tie everything together for the entire week. Use the theme in all of your communications and activities for the week. A few themes that Baudville has done in the past are Superheroes and Hollywood Stars. Our Essential Piece theme is a perfect way to recognize your customer service representatives for being an important piece of your organization!

Decorate your Space
Show your appreciation and generate excitement in the office by decorating the customer service department! Use balloons, banners, and streamers to create a cheerful atmosphere and a reminder of your appreciation throughout the week! If you chose a theme, be sure to pick decorations to coordinate!

Bring in the food!
Gathering around good food is a great way to get the whole team involved! Host a potluck customer service appreciation luncheon and have everyone bring a dish to pass! This is a fun way for the whole organization to show appreciation for the customer service team. Creating a sundae buffet or a happy hour snack time are other ways to celebrate with treats throughout the week!

Dress up their desk
Gift your customer service reps with a cool desktop gift as a daily reminder of your gratitude! Our Making a Difference Starfish Note Cube Gift set is a great way to recognize with the right words and our new interactive Desk Dudes have the power to brighten up any desk!

Celebrate with spirit
Turn Customer Service Week into a spirit week, and create a dress-up theme for each day. This is a great way to include everyone and create positive energy each day of the week! A few ideas are crazy hat day, super hero day, mix-match day, favorite movie day, or sports day. Leaving the themes a little open-ended allows for some serious creativity to take place!Shop Pocket Praise

Make it meaningful
Delivering a handwritten note to each of the sales reps is a meaningful way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to your company’s customers. Add a sweet treat to make it extra special! Our Pocket Praise sets are a cool way to leave a note of appreciation!

Have tons of fun!
Customer Service Week is a great time to have fun and spread cheer through the office! Don’t forget to get the whole company involved because each department plays an important role for your customers. Check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration on Customer Service Week event ideas, activities, and treats!
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