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Defining Onboarding: 60-Day Check-In


Don’t let your new hires catch the blues! Schedule a 60-day check-in to see how their onboarding experience is going so far.

You’ve pre-boarded your new hire, gave them a great first day, checked in at 30 days, and now it’s time for a 60-day check-in.


Why is a 30-Day Check-In Important?

Taking a moment to check in on employees is important to their success and overall company’s success.

“89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.” – Forbes

“Employees whose managers consistently acknowledge them for good work are 5x more likely to stay at that company. Those whose managers consistently help them manage their workload are 8x more likely to stay…” – Qualtrics

60-Day Check-In Gift Ideas

A little gift of thanks at their 60-day check-in will go a long way. Keep them hydrated with an appreciative water bottle, fuel their coffee addiction with a mug, or let them express themselves with a heartfelt journal.

What to do at Your 60-Day Check-In

A 60-day check-in is another touch point between managers and employees. Allowing them to have a face to face conversation on how they’re doing in their new role since you last spoke at their 30-day check-in. In this meeting you should:

  • Get a pulse for how things are going.
  • Check in on their 90-day goals – are there any stucks?
  • See if they have any more feedback on the onboarding process.
  • Ask what tasks or projects are they currently struggling with? Do they feel challenged?
  • Give a recognition moment!

60-Day Questions

  • Is the job what you expected?
  • Is there anything about your role or the company that is still unclear?
  • What are you enjoying most about your role?
  • What is one thing you’re excited to tackle within your first year?
  • Do you have any other professional goals outside your direct role you’d like to achieve?
  • What’s one thing we can improve to make your time easier here?