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Defining Onboarding: 90-Day Check-In


Cue the confetti! Your new hire has made it to their 90-day review! Okay, not that uncommon but still celebration worthy. As you may already know, the onboarding process is full of check points and check-ins to make sure your new hire truly is the perfect fit.

For most companies, the 90-day review is that all-telling, all-knowing moment. You’ve had three months together to navigate how your working relationship will go, gaining insight on their onboarding at both the 30-day and 60-day marks. Is this somebody you’d like to continue to invest in? And most importantly, do they want to invest in you?

We’re going to take a deep dive into what the 90-day check-in is and why it’s important to make sure your onboarding process is done well leading up to that moment.

What is a 90-Day Check-In?

Though onboarding could last longer than 90 days, the 90-day check-in is normally seen as the official hoorah to becoming a part of the team. You and your new hire have the chance to sit down and discuss the onboarding process as a whole, their role and responsibilities, and the team dynamic.

Once it’s mutually decided that they’re a good fit, the 90-day check-in is an opportunity to officially celebrate their arrival!

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Why is a 90-Day Check-In Important?

The 90-Day check-in is important because manager-employee one on one meetings are always important. You can never have too much communication. Has that been communicated enough?

By now you’ve been able to see their skills and value. The 90-day check-in is a good chance to provide feedback about what’s working and any constructive criticism necessary for continued success. This is also the turning point of a new hire no longer wearing that label marked “new,” so that alone should be a somewhat momentous occasion within the office itself!

90-Day Check-In Gift Ideas

Give your new hire a gift that helps them feel truly appreciated and truly part of the team like a gift setpersonalized power bank, or sleek canteen. A gift will motivate to keep up the good work!

Send a little encouragement to their inbox with a free ePraise ecard!


What to do at Your 90-Day Check-In

To make sure their 90-day check-in is effective, be sure to touch on these topics:

  • Go over the new hire’s 90-day goals. Were they met?
  • Evaluate their ability to succeed in their role.
  • Discuss the highs and lows of the onboarding process. Try to learn from their experience.
  • Ask how they feel about the culture and team.
  • Be sure you are both on the same page on what’s expected of them moving forward.
  • Present a small gift of appreciation.
  • Present goals for moving forward.
  • Throw a mini celebration cause YAY you have another awesome team member!

Questions to Ask at 90-Day Check-In

Here are a few questions you could ask your new hire in their 90-day review:

  • How would you rate your overall onboarding experience?
  • Please give feedback on your 90-day goals that were set. What struggles did you face when achieving them?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your team environment?
  • Do you feel like you fit into the corporate culture?
  • What could make your experience here better?
  • What personal goals do you have for the rest of the year?
  • Are you feeling challenged in your role?

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