Make the Most of Employee Appreciation Day March 6, 2015

February 19, 2015


Employee Appreciation Day is two weeks away! You may be thinking to yourself, “that’s great, but my employees aren’t really into all that fluffy, touchy, feely stuff…” We get it. Many workplaces are filled with employees that are satisfied with receiving a paycheck for their daily work – or so they think.

Underneath it all, human beings respond to being appreciated for the work they do. We respond to feeling noticed. We respond by working harder, happier, and healthier.

So don’t let Employee Appreciation Day slip through the cracks this year simply because you think your employees are just fine with the way things are in your organization.

Here are a few ideas for engaging and appreciating your harder-to-reach staff in honor of Employee Appreciation Day.

Practice the Power of the Personalization. A hand-written and personal note from your employee’s direct supervisor will make more impact than any gift. If this is you and you’re not sure what to say, we’ve got you covered! Read more in this popular post: Give Positive Employee Feedback with Your Own Positive Words. Add a gift to your note – perhaps a gift card to their favorite lunch spot, or to Amazon if your employee likes to read, or a nice pen or journal. Try your best to keep it personal to each team member and your efforts will be received with greater appreciation.


Let them Eat (Cake, Lunch, and Donuts, Whatever!) Most teams commonly gather over a bite to eat. Whether it’s a box of donuts or bagels, or sitting down at the local burger joint for a lunch together, everyone appreciates some yummy in their tummy. But don’t stop at footing the bill, make the most of the moment by gathering the team and saying a few words to express your appreciation. A simple 30-second representation of your gratitude could go something like this: “Thank you for all you do. I’m proud to have you on my team and look forward to the work we have ahead. Thanks for making work fun and a great place to come to every day. This organization is lucky to have each and every one of you.”

Give the Gift of Time. Oftentimes when we work hard, it’s our families and friendships that suffer. Has your team been putting in long hours to meet a deadline? Does your team regularly work long shifts, or are they right in the middle of the busy season? Use our free download-and-print Freedom Passes to surprise your team with a few hours for whatever they want this Employee Appreciation Day! Include a short, personal note of appreciation for everything they do on a daily basis – the more specific you can be, the greater the impact your note and gesture will have!

So, just because your team isn’t all about trinkets and team building, it certainly DOES NOT mean they are not about being acknowledged, thanked, and recognized for the work they do every day. Don’t let them fool you, and don’t let your workplace culture suffer because you decide to turn a blind eye. Make the most of Employee Appreciation Day 2015! Looking for more ideas? Check out my previous post for more!

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