Popular Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

January 20, 2010

Although employee recognition is most effective when it happens on a regular basis, employers can make a big impact by celebrating all their employees on Employee Appreciation Day. The annual celebration always takes place on the first Friday of March. Employers and managers can make a lasting impression on employees by giving an Employee Appreciation Day gift with their recognition.

A gift serves as a lasting reminder of the occasion when the gift was received, and an Employee Appreciation Day gift will remind the employee that she is valued by her employer. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a gift your entire team will love from our list of popular Employee Appreciation Day gifts!

Memorable Employee Appreciation Day Gifts – The most memorable gifts aren’t the most expensive or trendiest products on the market. They are simply the most sincere. An Employee Appreciation Day tradition at Baudville has each manager write a handwritten note of thanks and praise to every employee. These notes are waiting on employees’ desks in the morning, so employees start the day receiving appreciation. These notes are then displayed on desks and tucked in to special files to be saved.


Green Employee Appreciation Day Gifts – Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you present them with an environmentally-friendly gift! For an interactive gift that entertains for weeks (trust us, we know!) give your employees their own Playful Plants to grow at their desk. After a few weeks, give an award to the greenest thumb in the office!



Employee Appreciation Day Gifts for the Office – Give employees something they can use everyday, and they’ll appreciate your gift that much more. USB drives, fun sets of note pads sets, and journals are great gifts that also double as helpful tools for the office.



Displayable Employee Appreciation Day Gifts – Boost employee morale and pride with an Employee Appreciation Day gift that employees will be happy to keep and display at their desk. Gifts with staying power, like lapel pins or personalized gifts, provide a constant reminder of the moment the gift was received. The display value of the item gives the employee confidence and motivation.



Fun Employee Appreciation Day Gifts – Although employee recognition has serious results, it can be just as effective when lighthearted and fun. Your employees will get a kick out of an employee appreciation day gift like our You Rock(an actual rock!) or one of our Squeezable Praise. Or try our Exclamations theme on Employee Appreciation Day. The theme is designed to bring levity into the workplace and appeal to a wide audience.



Sweet Employee Appreciation Day Gifts – One of the ways to an employees’ morale and engagement is through the stomach. At least at Baudville, food is a prized motivator. Give your team a gift of food for Employee Appreciation Day. The tasty options are endless!


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