Sincerity and Fun Key to Successful Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

January 25, 2010

Remember those days in grade school when you actually looked forward to going to school? Most likely, you were excited for the classroom holiday party, like the infamous Halloween costume parade or the exciting Valentine’s Day card exchange.

A successful workplace culture has aspects of fun, excitement and camaraderie, like your grade school class. It doesn’t have to happen everyday, but providing a reprieve for your employees can have many benefits. Fun company events energize employees, encourage camaraderie and strengthen employee ties to peers and the organization.


Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to bring fun to work. Take some time brainstorming Employee Appreciation Day ideas your employees will enjoy. The key to making any Employee Appreciation Day idea successful is sincerity and fun. Since Baudville has a successful track record of celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, we’ve put together a list of ideas and suggestions to get your planning started.


Employee Appreciation Day ideas will come quickly when you use a recognition theme to coordinate your plans. A theme will make the entire day cohesive with one message. When you use a theme, you’ll express sincere appreciation for your employees and reinforce an important value, like teamwork or innovation.



Involve Food – Many of our best Employee Appreciation Day ideas engage our employees through their stomachs. Food is a welcome treat for employees and also provides an opportunity for camaraderie and fellowship. Employees always rave when our plan for the day includes a catered breakfast and lunch. For a sincere and meaningful food-related Employee Appreciation Day idea, have managers serve the meal or bring in their signature dishes for a potluck.



Incorporate an Activity or Game – A positive Employee Appreciation Day idea gets the team involved in an activity that is a break from the day-to-day norm. We recommend using games from home for friendly competition. Bean bag toss, Ladder ball, Horseshoes or even make-shift mini-golf are games you or one of your employees likely in a garage. Have individuals or teams compete for prizes and encourage everyone to participate either as a spectator, cheerleader or competitor.



Make it Memorable with a Gift – Our favorite and most sincere Employee Appreciation Day ideas include a memento for the recipient to keep as a token of appreciation. In its simplest, that can be a handwritten note waiting on the employees’ desk in the morning. Managers should take the time to put their appreciation into words, and make it personal for each individual.



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