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ePraise: Free Employee Recognition


 ePraise: The Free Day-to-Day Employee Recognition Tool


What is ePraise?

3 words. FREE. Eco-friendly. Recognition.

ePraise is Baudville’s free employee recognition eCard solution. This FREE recognition tool takes the time and money out of rewarding your employees for a job well done. As I’m sure you already know, showing your employees how much you appreciate them boosts their daily engagement, motivation, and productivity. Who doesn’t want an office full of happy and productive employees that feel valued?! ePraise cards not only are cost-free in the money department, but they’re also cost-free in the environmentally friendly department. It really doesn’t get any better than that!


How to use ePraise as a Recognition Tool

One of the greatest things about ePraise is how versatile it is. Send an ePraise to celebrate a milestone like a work anniversary or a sales benchmark, an accomplished goal, a completed project, or a holiday like Boss’s Day or Customer Service Week. You can add a personal message to all of our ePraise cards so that each time you send, it’s unique and special! ePraise are fun, they’re simple, and they’re easy to send. Seems like the perfect daily recognition solution, huh? Trust us, it is!

How to Send an ePraise

1. Go to www.baudville.com/epraise


2. Choose your reason for sending (birthday, motivation, anniversary, etc.)

3. Choose the perfect eCard for the occasion

4. Customize the look of your message (font type, font color)

5. Write your personal message

6. Enter your recipient’s info

7. Schedule when you’d like the ePraise to drop into their inbox

8. *optional, but highly suggested* Sign up for Baudville’s AWESOME emails so you never miss out on recognition ideas and our killer sales!

9. SEND!

Daily recognition has never been easier. And it couldn’t get any better. Spread positivity, and start sending ePraise now!