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Five Ways to Make Boss’s Day Boss-some!

National Boss’s Day is coming up soon! Are you ready? Every year Boss’s Day is falls on October 16. National Boss’s Day was first celebrated in 1958 because an employee forgot her Boss’s birthday. In 1962 it became a recognized holiday. Today, National Boss’s Day is an international holiday celebrated not only in America but also in Australia, India, South Africa, and Egypt. Make your Boss’s day by recognizing him or her in a special way!

1. Make it thoughtful.
What does your boss love to do outside of work? What is their favorite restaurant? Do they like a specific type of flower or candy? Taking time to think about what your boss loves will make your gift feel extra special and more personal.

2. No matter the budget, take time to recognize.
If you have $200 to spend on an Executive Gift or $5 dollars to spend on a Value Gift it doesn’t matter. Make sure you are taking the time to let your boss know how appreciated he or she is. Not sure what to give? Here are some of my favorites:

GeckoBrand Products – Our new line offers great waterproof products for anyone who enjoys the outdoors! This line includes anything from a camera bag and backpack to tablet and smartphone holders. Whether you’re outside hiking or boating, or sitting on the sidelines at a football game, these products will come in handy and remind your boss of your appreciation every time!

Executive Pens – These are a great gifts that your boss will be able to use every day! We offer a range of amazing products from our $9.95 Silver Gift Pens to our $39.95 Carbon Fiber Pen Gift Set.

Value Line – Don’t have a lot to spend? No problem! Check out our new value line! Value tumblers start at just $3.95.

3. Get the whole team together!
Make celebrating your boss a team event. Get everyone together and decorate your Boss’s office or have everyone bring in a dish to pass and have an office potluck! We love to have everyone write personal notes and then we post them on our Boss’s door or work area.

4. Get Crafty!
Still not too sure what to do for National Boss’s Day? Check out our Pinterest page with updates on our Boss’s Day board happening every day! One of our favorite ideas so far is this Hands Down You’re the Best Boss Around! All you have to do is cut out hand shapes from construction paper and then write why you think your boss is hands down the best!

5. Make it Silly and Fun!
After all, this is a celebration!


Kendra is Baudville’s Product Coordinator. Using her awesome powers of organization and research, she brings new and innovative products to our customers. She is a recent graduate and is ready to help with your recognition wants and needs. Watch out, because this young professional just touched down at Baudville!