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Fun Activities for National Fun at Work Day at the Office

Fun at Work Day

Today (January 28th) is National Fun at Work Day! We hope you are all celebrating with some extra fun. If you haven’t thought about how to celebrate, here are some ideas you can whip up or plan for next year!

Fun Things to Do for National Fun at Work Day

If you want to have a really FUN day at work, we suggest these activities.


Impromptu Nerf Battle

Separate into teams and grab your nerf gun of choice. When the clock strikes the predetermined time chosen, see which team can last the longest. Or set up a mini round of capture the flag, or paper targets around the office.


Throw a Carnival

Fill your break room with mini versions of your favorite carnival games, like ring toss, and festive treats, like cotton candy! You can even give out fun gifts for the winner of the carnival games by shopping our cool desk accessories. If you would like to go all out, hire a balloon artist to make balloon hats for employees (note: check to make sure no one has a latex allergy first).


Host a Movie Day

Play a classic comedy in your break room or cafeteria on repeat. You could bring in comfy seating for you and your co-workers to lounge on and a popcorn machine to give the true movie essence. Movie theater candy is also a plus!


Make it a Spirit Day

If your office isn’t already casual, give a casual day and ask everyone to participate in the spirit day theme. You could make it a crazy hair day, favorite sports team, or a pajama day (work appropriate of course)!

Fun Games to Play for National Fun at Work Day

These game ideas will help make your day at work fun for National Fun at Work Day.


Office Trivia

This could either be questions about your company with a fun spin or The Office trivia.



Set Up an Obstacle Course

Grab boxes of paper and other things you can find around the office and create a course that team members can race each other in their chairs. Make sure the course is in a safe place before you set this up (i.e. not on the manufacturing floor).


Create a Scavenger Hunt

Create mini tasks that your team members have to complete before the end of the day. For example, they must take a picture with a different department member they haven’t met before and learn three facts about them. This game is also a great way to bond teams together. Whoever completes the scavenger hunt wins a prize!

Fun Themes to Have for National Fun at Work Day

Superhero Theme

Encourage your team to dress up as their favorite superheroes. You can even provide capes and eye masks to make it easy for them to participate.


Outta This World Theme

Decorate the office with outer space décor and pass out treats like this these fun lapel pins.


Board Games Theme

Set up a game station with all the classic board games that teams can leisurely play. Maybe you shouldn’t add Monopoly though. It would be fun to even create a life-size game in your office. Lay fun colored sheets down like a gameboard map (think Candyland) and create a giant dice out of a square box. People just take turns rolling the dice. Some of the spots could have surprises they could win, like a free lunch.



Everyone dresses up like their favorite A-lister (or B-lister) and you have to try and guess who each other are. Just for giggles, you could set up a fake paparazzi area with a red carpet that doubles as a photobooth/selfie station!

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