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How to Plan Your Company Picnic or Company BBQ

BBQ Picnic

Planning your organization’s company picnic is a big task, even for a seasoned pro. Keeping a list of to-dos will help you stay on track and make sure you knock it out of the park. So, we’ve prepared a handy checklist you can print and check off as you go!

Things to do ASAP

  • Choose your picnic theme (cookout, baseball game, luau, pool party, etc.)
  • Finalize the date and time
  • Book a venue if you’re hosting it offsite
  • Decide if employees are allowed to bring guests
  • Decide how you’ll spread the word (email, paper invites, etc.) and send them out
  • Finalize your budget
  • Begin planning decorations

Four Weeks Before

  • Collect all RSVPs and finalize guest list
  • Put together a timeline / agenda
  • Create the menu or work with a caterer
  • Create the drink menu (alcoholic, nonalcoholic, etc.)
  • Decide on employee swag and order it

Here are a few of our favorite company picnic gift ideas:

Three Weeks Before

  • Put together your shopping list
  • Decide how food will be set up / served (Do you need to provide tablecloths, napkins, silverware, or serving pieces? Plan for those!)
  • Decide on décor (flowers, balloons, linens, etc. Be sure to align with your theme!)
  • Gather the necessary tables and chairs

Two Weeks Before

  • Plan your picnic activity and shop for necessary supplies or prizes
  • Create a hashtag so you can capture all event photos
  • Prepare seating chart (if you plan to have one)
  • Confirm with vendors
  • Check sound equipment and other equipment to ensure it functions properly

Week Of Company Picnic

  • Make sure you have all vendor contact numbers
  • Shop for the items on your shopping list and pick up any last-minute décor
  • Pick up rental items
  • Begin setup (if you have access to the venue)

Day Of Company Picnic

  • Finalize setup of décor, food, etc.
  • Enjoy!

And there you have it . . . the ticket to a wonderful company picnic. Hope it’s fun!

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