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National Customer Service Week [The Lowdown]

Customer Service Week

When is Customer Service Week?

Customer Service Week is the first full week in October. This year, it’s October 3-7.

What is Customer Service Week?

Customer Service Week is an internationally recognized week that celebrates those that work in the customer service industry. It’s a week dedicated to showing appreciation to those that put customers first 24/7 365.

Why Celebrate Customer Service Week?

It’s important to celebrate Customer Service Week (especially if you have customer service departments) because the position of being a customer service representative can often be a thankless job. Often dealing with customer issues daily, it can somewhat be a negative position.

Celebrate your customer service superheroes so they are reminded how valuable they are and why what they do matters. Help them stay positive!

Customer Service Week Gift Ideas

Letting your customer service team know they’re outstanding with a Customer Service Week gift is one way to show your appreciation for them, and a good way at that!


How to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week Theme Ideas

For 2019, the official theme of Customer Service Week is The Magic of Service™. However, you can use any theme that fits you and your team best. Some Customer Service Week theme ideas are superhero, tropics, fiesta, and carnival.

Customer Service Week Event Ideas

Throughout the week, you can host different events that your CS Reps can participate in. We suggest the events match your theme. For example, if you are participating in this year’s official theme, you could host a magic show one day. Then another day you could put on a scavenger hunt around the office where your team members must find hidden rabbits in magician hats!

Customer Service Week Activity Ideas

Including activities during Customer Service Week is another great way to celebrate, especially if everyone can’t leave their desk. Have a snack cart go around with festive treats for them to enjoy. Hiring a masseuse to give 15-minute breaks for each team member is a great way to help relieve stress and tension while showing appreciation!

Activities at their desk can also help make their job a little more fun and boost their engagement!

Customer Service Week Game Ideas

It’s hard to pull all your team members off the phone, so doing activities and games related to your celebrations at their desk lets everyone participate. You could play bingo, making the spaces earned requests or things heard by customers. For example, a space could be earned for a customer saying, “thank you for helping me with my purchase today!”

Who Celebrates Customer Service Week?

Everyone celebrates Customer Service Week, but teams and companies that have customer service departments typically take part in Customer Service Week activities and recognition.

History of Customer Service Week

When Did Customer Service Week Start?

According to the Alexander Communications Group, Customer Service Week became nationally recognized in 1992 by the U.S. Congress. It is now celebrated internationally and is sponsored by the Customer Service Group.

Customer Service Week Resources

Customer Service Week Message to Employees (Template)

Though games and activities are fun, expressing your appreciation in words is still the most powerful way to show recognition. Here is a sample message to send employees during Customer Service Week.

[Employee’s Name], Thank you for showing up with a positive attitude each day. Your positivity reflects on our customers and truly gives them the 5-star service they deserve. Your heart for helping others is inspiring and we all appreciate your efforts in solidifying customer relationships. Keep up the great work. We wouldn’t be here today without you!


Ideas for Celebrating Remote Employees

Send a goodie basket or gift set to your team members that are remote. You can even send them some FREE appreciation to their inbox with ePraise!

Even though they can’t participate in the festivities, doesn’t mean they should miss out on appreciation!

How to Plan Customer Service Week on a Budget

A week full of fun, activities, and games doesn’t mean it has to come at a high price! You can plan Customer Service Week on a budget by DIY-ing most of your festivities. Gather a committee that doesn’t mind volunteering their time and craft to pull a celebration off. There are plenty of planning resources, like Pinterest, that can help you pull off a week-long celebration on pennies!

Quotes About Customer Service Week

Here are a few quotes that Forbes put together in a list that explain the importance of good customer service (i.e. a good customer service team).

  • “Good service is good business.” – Siebel Ad
  • “If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is.” – Jan Carlzon
  • “In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” – Doug Warner
  • “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.” – Tony Allesandra

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