5 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

April 5, 2016 Abby

Five Budget Friendly Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

Whether they’re off organizing fundraisers for your school, visiting with elderly patients or acting as crowd control at a charity event, volunteers are some of the most essential pieces of any organization.  They are selfless with their time and generous with their resources; they’re pretty much the bee’s knees!


National Volunteer Week is quickly approaching and it is the perfect time to celebrate their service.  Many organizations struggle to scramble up a handsome budget for the sole purpose of recognizing their volunteers. But have no fear—We’ve got tons of low-cost appreciation ideas for you here!


Host a Kooky Award Ceremony 

Gather all your volunteers together and host a spoofy award ceremony to bring attention to their unique styles of service that make them so great!  Celebrate Karen’s winning personality by awarding her the “Perpetual Smile” award, and commend Kevin for his work ethic by giving him the “Busiest Beaver Award.” No need to go overboard with the prizes when a simple and inexpensive certificate will do the trick!


Be Sweet and Bring Treats

Surprise your hard workers with some Krispy Kreme donuts or those massive chocolate chunk cookies from the best bakery in town.  Few things make people feel more appreciated than a surprise sweet treat or two!


Use Your Words

Jot down just a few personalized words of affirmation for each one of your volunteers on a small notecard to fill up their satisfaction tanks! Be heartfelt, genuine, and try your best to mention specific instances when you felt that their service was above and beyond the call of duty.


Make Them Laugh

Use your creativity and make them laugh ‘til they cry! Work on a clever jingle or rap that touts how fan-freakin-tastic you think they are.  Perform it in front of the group to show them you’re not afraid to shout your appreciation from the rooftops!


Serve Them

If your appreciation budget is running on empty, take a DIY approach to a catered meal and host a recognition breakfast potluck! Have each one of your paid staff members sign up to bring their favorite early-morning dish and have a delicious feast for Volunteer Appreciation Week!


While grand gestures filled with pageantry are wonderful ways to honor your organization’s volunteers, sometimes the simplest tributes are the most memorable. Find more creative DIY volunteer appreciation ideas on our Volunteer Appreciation Ideas Pinterest board!

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