Volunteer Certificate Titles and Verses

April 9, 2012
Volunteer certificates are an affordable way for non-profit organizations and schools to recognize the priceless contributions of volunteers. You can completely customize a volunteer certificate for the recipient with a unique award title, their name, date, and signatures of key individuals in your organization.
To make a lasting impression, present volunteer certificates at a ceremony. Invite volunteers and their guests to attend a reception and present the certificates to each volunteer to thank them for their service. You can present the  volunteer certificates based on number of hours of service, years of service to the organization, or even an award nominated by the staff. However you decide to present volunteer certificates, make it personal and sincere to the recipient for a memorable appreciation moment!
Certificates are a great way to honor volunteers, but it can be nerve-wrecking to write the appropriate award title and verse! Here are a few suggestions that can inspire your volunteer certificates. We’ve added individual and organization names to show you how the certificates could look when completed.
Create Volunteer CertificatesCreate Volunteer CertificatesCreate Volunteer Certificates
Volunteer Excellence 
Paige Campbell
is hereby recognized 
as an outstanding volunteer, 
giving time and commitment directly from the heart.
Thank you for your generosity.
Volunteer Service Award 
 Presented to
 Myron Williams
You've made a world of difference
to us and all whom we serve.
You Make a Difference 
 To recognize
 Christopher Styke
whose quiet willingness to help
makes a world of difference
at Red Arrow Elementary School
People Helping People 
 Carol Lee
for lending a hand, showing compassion,
and making our corner of the world
a little bit better place to live.
Unsung Hero Award 
To recognize
Thomas Carr
whose quiet willingness to help
makes a world of difference
at United Way.
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