10 Ideas for National Nurses Week Gifts

February 18, 2016

Each year, healthcare organizations celebrate the dedication and commitment of nurses during National Nurses Week, May 6-12. Recognize the nurses in your organization by giving them a gift of your appreciation. National Nurses Week gifts should be personal to the recipient and reflect the unique challenges and accomplishments that occur in the healthcare industry.

Here are ten ideas for National Nurses Week gifts you can for your annual celebration or throughout the year!

1. Tape one of the National Nurses Week Print and Posts notes to candy bars and hand them out to nurses at a team meeting or break.

2. Nurses are proud of their jobs and not afraid to show it! Give a gift that clearly promotes their profession with a Nurses Rock Twist Top Tumbler.

3. Nurses often work long hours, so they need to be prepared for everything. A We Appreciate You tote bag helps them bring it all to work and promote their nurse pride.

4. Add some flair to your nurses’ stethoscope with a unique Steth-o-Charm. Choose from one of our popular designs, or create a custom Steth-o-Charm with your organization’s name and logo.

5. Provide lunch for your nursing staff. Catering lunch or arranging a potluck among the managers and doctors is a very meaningful National Nurses Week gift. Your nurses don’t have to worry about packing lunch, and they can enjoy a little extra relaxation time!  6. Many nurses work twelve hour shifts, so many of them rely on a hot cup of coffee for an extra boost! Hand out travel coffee mugs with a gift card for the hospital cafeteria or a local coffee shop. 

7. Remind your nurses that the organization appreciates everything they do with custom National Nurses Week gifts. Choose any item from the Baudville collection and have it customized with your organization’s logo or special National Nurses Week message.

8. Have an award ceremony for your nurses and present each person with a unique Character Pin award. A very personal National Nurses Week gift, each Character Pins has a different story about exemplary behaviors and attitudes. Read the story aloud when you present it, and your staff will remember this National Nurses Week for years!

9. Treat each of your nurses to Sweet Treat National Nurses Week gifts! Each jar is filled with colorful, fruit jelly beans and decorated with an appreciation message. If your team prefers chocolate, give them a Fun Treat Gift Bag full of Tootsie Rolls!

10. Recognition is more effective when it is sincere and personal. For a memorable impact on each of your staff members, write and deliver a personal thank you card during National Nurses Week. Your nurses will treasure your note for years!


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