26 Tweets about Nursing that Are So Relatable

May 10, 2018 Alyssa Karhan

To celebrate National Nurses Week, we’ve got a post just for you, nurses! Have you ever dealt with these situations or had your patient do something like this? Scroll down for some laughable Nurse Week Tweets.


1. When you’ve gotten your hopes up too many times before.

Nurse Life Tweet 1


2. When you're running on too little sleep.

Nurse Life Tweet 2


3. When you've been trained and can't go back.

Nurse Life Tweet 3


4. When attractiveness takes on a whole new meaning.

Nurse Life Tweet 4


5. When you just want to go home.

Nurse Life Tweet 5


6. When you crash and ain't nobody going to wake you up before you're ready.

Nurse Life Tweet 6


7. When patients think you're their servant.

Nurse Life Tweet 7


8. When no one else understands.

Nurse Life Tweet 8


9. When everyone else is enjoying their weekend.

Nurse Life Tweet 9


10. When they can't get the HVAC right.

Nurse Life Tweet 10


11. When patients let it slip that they're not as bad as they want you to think.

Nurse Life Tweet 11


12. When you make a difference in someone's life.

Nurse Life Tweet 12


13. When you're literally a superhero in scrubs.Nurse Life Tweet 13


14. When you get to share joy with your patients.

Nurse Life Tweet 14


15. When you just need to be seen.

Nurse Life Tweet 15


16. When you get texted 10,000 times a day.

Nurse Humor Tweet 2


17. When, inevitably, those texts are while you're trying to forget about work.

Nurse Problems Tweet 4


18. When a patient's relatives think they know more than you.

NursesWeek Tweet 1


19. When you literally don't have time for that.

Nurse Problems Tweet 2


20. When patients don't care about anyone else.

Nurse Kick Ass Tweet 1


21. When nothing phases you anymore.

Nurse Humor Tweet 3


22. When you need a good joke.Nurse Humor Tweet 4


23. When you just don't want to deal with it.

Nurse Problems Tweet 1


24. When nothing is as easy as it should be.

Nurse Life Tweet 16


25. When your job is your workout for the day.

Nurse Life Tweet 17


26. When you just need some appreciation.

Nurse FB Post 1


Ok, so that last one wasn’t a Tweet. But we salute you, Nurses, and hope you have a great National Nurses Week celebrating all your hard work and dedication.





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