Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate Nurses Week

April 30, 2021 Julia Daihl


With National Nurses Week around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to share last minute gift ideas for your superheroes in scrubs.

(Nurses Week is May 6-10, just in case you forgot!)


Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate Nurses Week

With long (and often times trauma-filled) shifts, Nurses definitely deserve a week full of thanks. Here are a few ideas that are appreciated just as much as they show appreciation.


Nurse Appreciation Snack Cart

Station snack carts around employee only, nurse-filled areas. Fill the carts with goodies like healthy treats, fresh fruit, coffee, flavored waters, and other snacks that keep them going throughout the day. Make sure the cart stays fully-stocked – we recommend assigning someone for cart duty. Putting the cart on wheels will also give you the chance to visit different break areas.


Surprise Nurse Shift Meal

Cover one of their meals for the day but providing breakfast in the break rooms. You can get creative by creating a waffle bar or bagel station. Pinterest is full of great brunch ideas to help you plan the perfect shift meal. Be sure to offer this for all shifts – brunch is good any time of the day!


Car Wash Vouchers for Nurse Appreciation Week

Help with their to-do list by handing out car wash vouchers to your nursing staff. It’s an unexpected gift, but something everyone will be grateful for.


Movie Theater Gift Cards

Show appreciation for your nurses with a movie night. Give out gift cards to your local movie theater and don’t for get the popcorn! Attach the gift card to a small of bag popcorn – how cute?!


Handwritten Notes for Nurses

Sending a note of praise is always appreciated, and a handwritten one at that! It shows thoughtfulness and care. Personally hand them out or add to your gift!


eCards for Nurses

Handwriting not your thing? Still send your personal thanks but have it delivered straight to their inbox with an ePraise eCard. They’re free and super cute.



Last Minute Nurses Week Gift Ideas

Gifts are always nice. These last-minute nurse appreciation gift ideas are a great way to bring smiles to your team.


Drinkware for Nurses

Make them feel appreciated and help keep them hydrated at the same time. A water bottle or travel mug is a great gift idea.



After Work Life for Nurses

Sometimes you need a gift that allows them to unwinds after long day of being a healthcare hero!



Flowers for Nurses

Give them a gift they can take home to help remind them of your appreciation after their shift is done. Flowers are always a good idea!



Lapel Pins for Nurses

Decorate their lanyards or scrubs with a fun appreciation lapel pin.



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