National Nurses Week Themes Express Genuine Appreciation for Nurses

February 17, 2016

If you celebrate National Nurses Week every May, you are constantly looking for new appreciation themes. A theme coordinates your entire celebration, from your communication and press relations to gifts, activities, and food. A theme is important and coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. 
Baudville has created several National Nurses Week themes that you can use for your entire appreciation event, or shop the different themes for the perfect nurses gift.

Here are a few of our favorite National Nurses Week themes:

Nurses Rock

Nurses gifts that speak specifically to the nursing profession are extremely popular for National Nurses Week, so use a theme that shouts nurses praises! The Nurses Rock National Nurses Week theme encourages your organization to rock out. Stuff a Nurses Rock Twist Top Tumbler with Pop Rocks, candy rocks, and a handwritten note that says “you rock” for a meaningful appreciation gift. You could even add an iTunes gift card so your nurses can rock out to their favorite tunes any time!

We Appreciate You

Shop We Appreciate You Theme

The imagery of the stethoscope makes this National Nurses Week theme very personal to nurses and expresses your most important message: appreciation. Put the “we appreciate you” message everywhere during National Nurses Week! Print posters for the hallways and lounges, place “ads” in the newsletter and intranet, and send emails to all the staff explaining what you appreciate about the nurses. Give every nurse a lapel pin to display on their badge so they will be reminded everyday that you appreciate everything they do. 

Essential Piece

The Essential Piece theme is great for appreciating any member of your team, and the healthcare version, which says “you’re vital to our team,” is perfect for National Nurses Week. Make the Essential Piece your theme for this year’s celebration giving each member of your nursing staff an Essential Piece gift, like a tote bag or a fun treat gift bag. Yours National Nurses Week theme can be memorable by creating a custom puzzle with a picture of your team. Give each member of your team a copy of the puzzle to keep.

These are a few of our favorite National Nurses Week themes, and we think your staff will love them, too! For more ideas, visit our National Nurses Week gift and idea guide.

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