The 411 On Nurses Week

April 2, 2021 Lane Hokanson
Now more than ever, it's vital to celebrate the hardworking heroes who put their safety on the line to care for others. And nobody does it quite like nurses. As we approach National Nurses Week, get the lowdown on how to make it special for your team of hardworking nurses!

So...What Is Nurses Week?

Nurses Week is a chance for you to show your appreciation to those that fight to keep us healthy and put their need for sleep aside to save our lives. It’s essentially what it sounds like it is, a week dedicated to recognizing nurses.

When Is Nurses Week?

Lucky for us, it stays the same annually! National Nurse Appreciation Week is always May 6-12.

Nurses Week History

Through many years of effort (starting back in 1953), proclamations, and resolutions within Congress – the  American Nurse Association (ANA) was able to solidify May 6-12 as the official, permanent dates to observe National Nurses Week.
Fun Fact:  May 12th is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the “pioneer of modern nursing.” 
Learn more about her accomplishments and life on her   page. It’s only fitting to end a celebration of nurse appreciation on the birthday of someone who made a huge impact in the field.

Nurses Week Hashtags

They deserve a shout out! Amplify the amazing work nurses do with some of these hashtags!
  • #NursesWeek
  • #ThankANurse
  • #HappyNursesWeek

Nurses Week Decorations

Now that we miss out on seeing each other's faces, we think it's extra important to add some cheerful color and decoration to the occasion.
Make sure that all decorations comply with the hospital or care facility restrictions. (Hint: most do not allow latex balloons!)
Everybody likes a theme! We came up with some ideas above, but we totally support you coming up with something special for your team!
Decorating lockers or break spaces is a great way to celebrate Nurses Week!

Nurses Week Activity Ideas

Make Nurses Week extra fun with a planned activity or two for the nurses!
It's definitely harder to come up with a way to celebrate and recognize when we are all still working to maintain distance and not gather in groups. We came up with a few activities to help get the ideas flowing as you consider what will create the biggest impact and best feeling for your staff!
Provide a boxed lunch! It's one less thing for your team to have to figure out, and it allows for contactless catering/pick up.
Create a spa-to-go set! Normally, we recommend finding a massage to give them a break, but that's not in the cards this year. Substitute with a kit of little luxuries that will create that same feeling of stress-relief: lotion, a diffuser, calming tea, or cozy socks!
Looking for a ready-to-go gift? No problem. Our Delightly line allows for hand-selected and curated kits, ready to present to your team in person, or deliver right to their front door!
NOTE: When planning a Nurses Week activity, it’s important to make it flexible so that everyone can participate.

Nurses Week Bulletin Board Ideas

Give a special (and public) shout-out to your nursing staff with one of these bulletin board ideas.
Take a picture of each RN and post it on the bulletin board with who they are and one fun fact about them and one word that describes them (i.e. dedicated, responsive, etc.).
Turn the bulletin board into a compliment board where other nurses and staff can write nice things about the RN staff.
Our  Shout Outs are great for this!
Nuses Week Gift Ideas
A gift of appreciation goes a long way! Help boost your staff’s morale with one of these top gift ideas.
Gift Sets:
Functional Gifts:

Nurses Week Thank You Message

Words of thanks are often one of the greatest gifts you can give. It’s important to let your nurses know how appreciated they are this National Nurses Week. Write them a sweet note or send your message in an email.
Here’s an example of a Nurses Week thank you message:
[Name of Nurse],
Thanks for all you do! Your kind heart, patient soul, and selflessness are so appreciated! The work you do at [Name of Your Hospital or Medical Center] is substantial and literally life changing!
During this particularly trying time, we know that you've put it all on the line.
We couldn’t be where we are today without you, you truly are essential.
Our appreciation goes far beyond what we can say in words, but from the bottom of our hearts: thank you.
Happy Nurses Week!
[Your Name]

Nurses Week eCards

ePraise is a great and FREE way to personally recognize your staff and other team members. Deliver appreciation and happiness right to their inbox! You'll brighten their day, and stay socially distanced!

Helpful Links and Resources for Nurses Week


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