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Our 10 Favorite Pinterest Boards for Health & Wellness

Health Wellness

We are into the 5th week of our health & wellness challenge here at the ‘ville. Everyone is gearing up for some big runs happening soon, lots of trips to the restroom are happening from all the water drinking , and some fitness selfies are being posted in the common area to keep us energized!

Here are 10 Pinterest boards focused on health & wellness that you should definitely check out:

  1. Health and Wellness by Baudville
    Of course, got to give some love to our board. It has some great tips for a wide variety of areas from stretching at your desk, to fast workouts, to healthy eating recipes.
  2. Health and Wellness by The Daily Meal
    This board is filled with over 750 pins on anything you can think of regarding health and wellness. Can’t wait for summer; just look at these fruits and veggies!
  3. Fitness and Nutrition Tips by The Active Times
    What can you do at your desk to keep your body moving? Take some time out during the day to lift some weights! This board has so many clever ideas.
  4. Workplace Wellness by Health Advocate
    Tips to snack right at work, help alleviate stress at work, and avoid the afternoon slump! Check out this board for all things workplace wellness.
  5. Wellness Matters Bulletin Board Ideas by K. Sellhausen
    We all have bulletin boards at work, school, and everywhere in between! This board has tons of great ideas for different ways to focus on health.
  6. Worksite Wellness by Wellness Quest
    This board has articles and engaging programs designed to inspire workers and their families to seek higher well-being.
  7. Fitness, Fitness, Fitness by Mariah Hofstad
    This board is full of just about any exercise or workout you can do, along with some recipes and motivational quotes to keep you going!
  8. inspriation inspiration inspiration 🙂
    If you need a little inspiration to keep you excited about health & wellness, this board will definitely fit the bill.
  9. Healthy is Happy by How Does She
    Over 150,000 followers are fans of this board for tips and tricks to be your best self!
  10.  healthy healthy healthy by Brittany
    Lots of great eats for a healthy lifestyle, from light versions of your favorite meals to sweet tooth concoctions to keep you on track!

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