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Peer-to-Peer Recognition Examples

Peer-to-peer recognition

We know work is better with a best friend, but what about peer-to-peer recognition?

Peer-to-peer recognition helps with overall employee happiness and engagement, which is why it should be encouraged by managers and leadership within the workplace. In an article written by Shawn Achor for the Harvard Business Review, he shared that a company found a 14% increase in engagement due to its social recognition program.

Peer-to-peer interactions matter, which is why we’ve created tools, resources and peer-to-peer recognition ideas to help companies make the most of their peer recognition programs.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Examples

Shout Out Program

Setting up a shout out program is a great way to encourage peer-to-peer recognition. Provide Shout Outs™ to your team so that they can write down moments and way to go’s that they’d like to recognize in their team members.

At Baudville, we post ours on a Shout Out board for the whole company to admire. People who get shouted out get points uploaded in our reward system that helps them work towards prizes!


Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with ePraise. This free ecard program allows team members to send notes of encouragement and appreciation straight to their co-worker’s email. Who doesn’t love a little inbox-happiness?

Kit and Caboodle

Give your team the whole Kit and Caboodle for peer-to-peer recognition. With notecards to write a handwritten note and goodies to reward, your team will have fun giving and receiving these!

Pocket Praise

Make peer-to-peer accessible by keeping a stack of notecards, like our Pocket Praise, handy. Whenever a team member sees something worth noting, encourage them to send a note of praise!

We’d love to hear the fun ways you encourage peer-to-peer recognition! Share with us your ideas by tagging #makingworkhappy on your favorite social media platform!