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Christmas Gifts for Your Staff: 10 Trending Personalized Gift Options

Christmas Gifts for Your Staff

The holiday season is fast approaching, and what better way to show your appreciation to your hardworking and dedicated staff than with personalized Christmas gifts? In this guide, we’ve curated a list of 10 trending corporate gifts that not only express your gratitude but also add a personal touch to your employee appreciation efforts. From unique s’mores roasters to eco-friendly tumblers and cozy blankets, these meaningful gifts are sure to make a lasting impression. They are the perfect Christmas gifts for your staff.

Christmas Gifts for Your Staff 

1. Solo Stove Tabletop S’mores Bowl: Toasting Memories

Set up your s’mores camp anywhere, indoors and out! This portable tabletop s’mores roaster from Solo Stove is fired by clean-burning, smoke-free gel fuel, providing the flickering flames and nostalgic crackling sounds of a campfire. With its sleek and modern concrete design, it’s a trendy and practical corporate holiday gift perfect for various occasions. You can even add your logo or custom artwork to make it a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

2. Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler 40 oz: Sustainable Hydration

The Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler is making waves in the world of drinkware. Made from recycled stainless steel, it offers maximum hydration with fewer refills. Whether it’s a morning commute, daily meetings, or after-work training, this tumbler is the perfect sidekick. Personalize it with your logo to create a practical and personal custom gift suitable for onboarding, trade shows, and client gifting. Plus, Stanley contributes to various causes related to sustainability, making this a purchase you can feel good about.

3. Delightly: A Lasting Impression Kit – Personalized

Make an unforgettable impression with Delightly’s Lasting Impression Kit. Perfect for new executives, clients, or anyone you want to show you care, this kit includes a 10 oz ceramic tumbler, a Bluetooth wireless charging pad speaker, and gourmet caramels. It’s a thoughtful and comprehensive holiday gift or client gift to express your appreciation. Kits, sets, and gift baskets are an amazingly meaningful gift!

4. Eco-Wise Bamboo Tumbler: A Green Gift

The Eco-Wise Bamboo Tumbler is an eco-friendly choice that allows your team members to feel good about the environment. Made from real bamboo, each bottle is unique in appearance, adding a personal touch. Customize your gift with the design of your choice or add your own logo. This tumbler is both stylish and sustainable, ideal for corporate holiday gifting and the office gift exchange.

5. Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket: Cozy Comfort

Stay cozy and warm with this Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket. Measuring 50″ x 60″ when unfolded, it’s the perfect custom gift to amplify relaxation and comfort for your employees. This blanket is an excellent addition to any home or office desk chair. Your Christmas gifts just got a whole lot cozier!

6. Vibrant Crystal Phone Holder Trophy: A Modern Award

Elevate your office desk display with this stunning 2-in-1 award. It serves as both a quality trophy and a durable phone holder, offering a unique and modern twist to a corporate classic. The price includes personalization engraved on the front of the crystal and an elegant, Baudville exclusive display box for delivery. It’s an upscale and executive client gift. 

7. Budding Praise Crystal Vase Award: A Dual-Purpose Gift

This sleek crystal award doubles as a bud vase, making it the perfect addition to any desk or office space. Choose a graphic title and add your personalization; all of this is included in the price. It’s a gift that combines beauty and utility, making it a breathtaking corporate holiday gift idea.

8. Himalayan Salt Sunrise Alarm Clock Charger: A Unique Side Table Accessory

Shine a light on your best and brightest employees with the Himalayan Salt Sunrise Alarm Clock Charger. This soothing device transitions from dark to fully lit over 20 minutes leading up to the selected alarm time. Additionally, the top of the clock doubles as a wireless charger, making it a practical and unique side table accessory. Add your logo or custom artwork to make it even more special.

9. Delightly: Gratitude is our Attitude – Personalized

After a long day at the office, there’s nothing better than a cozy night at home. Delightly’s Gratitude is our Attitude Kit is filled with warmth, making it the perfect gift for clients, holiday presents, or everyday thank-yous. Each kit is expertly curated, hand-selected, perfectly packaged, and ready to ship to your lucky recipient.

10. Delightly: Warm Winter Kit

Send your warmest appreciation with the Warm Winter Kit. This kit includes a stainless steel tumbler, a winter cap, hot toddy cocktail syrup, a rechargeable hand warmer, and cinnamon Simply Mints. It’s a thoughtful way to keep your team feeling warm all year long.

In this season of giving, these personalized Christmas gifts and branded swag items are not only tokens of appreciation but also thoughtful gestures that add a personal touch to your employee appreciation efforts. Show your staff how much you value their hard work and dedication with these trending corporate gifts. Whether it’s the warmth of a soft sherpa blanket or the practicality of a Stanley tumbler, these gifts are sure to make a lasting impression.

The Significance of Christmas Gifts for Your Staff

Corporate holiday gifting is not just a tradition but an essential practice that plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive work environment. The exchange of gifts during the holiday season carries profound significance, benefiting both employers and employees in several ways.

1. Expressing Appreciation and Boosting Morale

One of the primary reasons to give Christmas gifts is to express appreciation to the dedicated staff who have worked diligently throughout the year. It’s a tangible way to say “thank you” and show that their contributions are valued. This recognition not only boosts employee morale but also instills a sense of pride and belonging within the organization.

2. Strengthening Employee-Employer Relationships

The act of giving holiday employee gifts nurtures strong employee-employer relationships. It’s a gesture of mutual respect and appreciation. Employees feel valued, and employers have an opportunity to strengthen bonds with their workforce. This healthy rapport is vital for maintaining a positive work culture.

3. Fostering Team Spirit and Unity

Corporate holiday gifts have the power to bring employees together. Whether through sharing treats, personalized items, or unique gadgets, these gifts foster a sense of unity among team members. They create common experiences that employees can reminisce about, which, in turn, strengthens team spirit.

4. Motivating and Increasing Productivity

Corporate holiday gifting can serve as a motivational tool, encouraging employees to continue delivering their best. When employees know that their efforts are recognized and rewarded, they are more likely to stay motivated and maintain or increase their productivity. As a result, the company benefits from improved performance.

5. Reflecting Company Values

Corporate holiday gifts can also be an opportunity to reflect and reinforce the values of the organization. For instance, choosing eco-friendly gifts can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, while a personalized and unique gift basket can showcase creativity and thoughtfulness. These gifts convey the organization’s dedication to its employees and its values.

6. Creating Lasting Impressions

When thoughtfully selected, corporate holiday gifts create lasting impressions. They show that the organization has taken the time to consider the preferences and interests of its employees. These memorable gifts become part of the employee’s journey within the company and leave a positive and lasting mark.

7. Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Happy employees are more likely to stay loyal to their organization. Corporate holiday gifting can significantly contribute to employee satisfaction, which, in turn, leads to better retention rates. This is crucial for maintaining a stable and efficient workforce.

In conclusion, corporate holiday gifting is more than a seasonal tradition; it’s a meaningful way to acknowledge the contributions and dedication of the workforce. By fostering morale, strengthening relationships, and promoting unity, these gifts contribute to a thriving and harmonious work environment. They showcase the organization’s commitment to its employees’ well-being and happiness, ultimately resulting in a motivated and loyal workforce. In the spirit of the holiday season, it’s an opportunity for employers to express gratitude and appreciation, forging deeper connections with their staff.


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