Calculating Culture: 5 Steps to Defining Your Company’s Culture

August 4, 2022 Chelsea LaForge

Calculating Culture: 5 Steps to Defining Your Company’s Culture

Before you can communicate your culture to employees, or work to improve it, you need to understand your current culture. And don’t worry! If you uncover a culture you’re not very proud of, we’re here to help you build a better one!

Below are 5 easy steps to help you define your company’s current culture:

  1. Find Your Mission: Does your company have a published mission or values statement? What’s listed on your “About Us” page? No matter how old it is, if you’re still referencing it in your employee handbook, on your website, and in the office, you’ll want to include it when defining your company’s culture.

  2. Employee SurveyFastest way to get a sense for your current culture? Ask your current employees! Keep in mind that committing to anonymity will yield more honest answers. You need to know the true perception of your culture before you can work to improve it. There are plenty of free survey tools out there to help!

  3. GlassdoorYes, the website where former employees go to complain about the company they worked for. BUT, if you can compile all comments and find common threads, you might just uncover some cultural blind spots. Resist the urge to create rebuttals for each and just capture the opinions.

  4. Walk Around & ObserveWalk around your office and take notice of behaviors, attitudes and relationships. Oftentimes, culture is better seen than read about. How are team members interacting with each other, what’s the noise level, stress level, energy level of the team? 

  5. Add It All Up! Take everything you’ve learned and gathered from the 4 steps above, and add it all up. What are the organization’s attitudes, ideals, and attributes? If it’s not looking too good, remember that this is only step 1 and you can change your company’s culture!

Next week we’ll be digging in to successfully changing parts of your company’s culture. Stay tuned!

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