How to Keep WFH Employees Engaged

July 6, 2022 Scott Gillis

How to Keep WFH Employees Engaged

As technology changes the way the world works, remote workforce engagement is growing in importance. Remote work isn’t likely to go away any time soon, even if some companies do return to office-based operations. The fact is that the number of people working from home has been rising for many years and is expected to continue to grow into the future.
"According to their projections, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023." (Source)
So, what are the best ways to keep those who work from home engaged as much as those who continue to working in the office? Below are some creative ways to keep up your engagement with remote employees.
1.) Make Remote Onboarding Memorable: As repeated in prior posts, first impressions are important for a new hire experience. You want to set the tone of your culture from the get-go. This is especially important when hiring for a remote work position. This is your chance to create a unique experience. First drop ship an onboarding kit to your new hire. You can even include one of our best sellers to make the experience unique. Naturally there will be some in office face to face for initial training and this is the best time to go above and beyond with ice breaker events with the whole team and maybe dinner out with the team to make your new hire feel welcome. This generates bountiful energy and gratitude that they in turn put into their work once they start working remotely.
2.) Set Up Activities Outside of Work: We all live in an ecosystem of work and maintaining that drive to reach company goals, but sometimes we all need to let our hair down even those whom for at home. As mentioned via TalentLyft: A remote job doesn’t always mean good employee health, increased productivity, and saving of money. It also has a few downsides.
Help those teammates unplug from work mode and plug into fun mode. Participate in a book club, a multiplayer online gaming tournament, or just an internal social network where teammates can live chat about topics not work related. These experiences can not only enhance stress relief but also strengthens team connections increasing overall engagement during subsequent workweeks.
3). Recognize and Appreciate: Directly show you care about your WFH employees by maintaining notes and tokens of appreciation for the hard work they are doing. Broadly thanking or rewarding your staff reinforces those interpersonal relationships. In basic terms when your work from home employee does something worthy of recognition, let them know. In fact, let the whole company know. This will amplify feelings of gratitude. Also finding the right gift to show appreciation takes little effort but has a profound effect on employee morale.

Gifts to Appreciate Your WFH Team

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These are some small ideas you can use and tailor to your own corporate culture to keep up with proper engagement with your work from home teammates. It is very easy for these team members to feel left behind. Remember it is a constant task each company needs to nurture and develop and with remote work not only becoming a consistent part of the business world it is important that you develop an all-encompassing process to maintain engagement for not just your in office staff, but your work from home crew as well.
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