The 5 Best Gifts to Amplify the Great Recognition!

July 20, 2022 Scott Gillis

The 5 Best Gifts to Help Amplify the Great Recognition

The last two years we have been inundated with blogs and articles revolving around the phrase: "The Great Resignation." The numbers of people involved have been staggering (4.3 million people since January 2022). However, there are silver linings to all of this. Companies are now talking about and finding solutions for a new trend called "The Great Recognition." But, what does The Great Recognition mean?

The Great Recognition captures how both employers and employees are learning and evolving in this new world of work. I must admit the phrasing is a refreshing statement change away from the negative tones of the great resignation. The Great Recognition puts the power back in companies and employers hands with actionable ways to move the corporate culture forward.


There are some companies that don’t consider the true benefits of recognizing employees despite vast amounts of evidence that it affects engagement. Research shows that employee engagement is directly linked to productivity and overall organizational growth. Employee well-being and retention is an investment that ends up paying for itself.  It’s common for senior leadership to assume the company has plenty of perks that already accomplish this, like gym memberships and quality benefits packages. So, why dedicate more resources to bringing in new ideas and gifts to amplify employee recognition ideas when you could be spending elsewhere?

75% of employees would be satisfied with their job if they receive at least one recognition a month. (Source)

There are a few simple takeaways from all this. First, you will not be able to retain some employees no matter what you do — and you can argue that such turnover would actually benefit your company, anyway. However, for those who are feeling burnt out or underappreciated now and would otherwise want to stay, these are the people who are the key to amplifying the great recognition.
Recognition means truly caring about your people and realizing that employee recognition is shareable.

Here are the 5 Best Gifts you can share to help Amplify the Great Recognition:

As Brene Brown states: "Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." Share your wisdom, gratitude, and connection with others with our Delightly Daring Greatly Kit. 
Hydrate and appreciate your team with a reminder that the culture they create is what legends are made of.
 Don't just amplify their recognition, boost their mood (and their battery) with this full-color designed QI charger. 
 Recognize and amplify the work they do with a trophy that reflects brilliant spectrums from every angle in this exclusive Baudville award.
Good vibes needed! We're all in this together and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. Give your team some much needed weekday encouragement.
Let’s not forget why focusing on this new term "The Great Recognition" is important. Recognizing our peers can foster feelings of value and belonging, increase motivation and reinforce positive behavior across teams. How we utilize this moment in our corporate culture is by fostering actionable results and demonstrating that recognition must be both frequent and meaningful. By making this a habit, you build happier teams and a greater sense of community.
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