VIP & Employee Recognition Awards

December 7, 2021 Scott Gillis

VIP & Employee Recognition Awards

At the end of the year organizations look to awards and other VIP gifts to acknowledge staff members who have given their best work.


Employee recognition awards are the titles and honors that organizations give to their employees for their outstanding work. How often these awards are given out vary across organizations. Some give them to their best performers at the end of a month, others wait until year-end awards to recognize their staff.
Each employee usually receives the same trophy, a handshake, and a blurb of thanks and praise. You must remember, every employee is unique and recognition looks different to each and every one of themTo bring your trophy to another level, perhaps you could make it unique with some flair.
When you recognize your team and their efforts they are more engaged and feel more appreciated for their hard work. How do you decide what to give these stellar people as a reward? Look at each employee on a personal level. What have they brought to the table throughout the year? See below for more award ideas.
Ideas for employee recognition awards
Where do you start? Recognize your employees with standard award ideas:
·       Anniversary Awards: Recognize those teammates on their yearly anniversary and play this award up as a big deal which it should be.
·       E-Praise: Recognize daily wins by sending out e-praise to your staff. It would also be beneficial to add points or a gift card to this digital praise as an extra dose of recognition.
·       Goal Based Rewards: Each quarter employees have goals to hit or OKRs to reach. Rewarding them for meeting those goals will help incentivize future goals a company wishes to reach.
For those employees who are consistently ahead of the pack look to offer VIP level awards. See our previous blog for definitions of A, B, and C Players.  The “A” Players are cut from another cloth and need to be recognized as the VIP’s of your office, but don't disregard your "B" Players either, as they are the glue that holds your culture together. Think outside the box with this level of award, but be sure to keep them in line with your overall culture.


Value driven awards are a great category for your VIPs. Rewards based on core values help incentivize employees to build the company culture you want. Those that are VIP’s are the cornerstones of your culture and rewarding them shows others what to strive for.
For other VIP gift ideas look to higher end kits with great brands to show how much they stood out this year.
Additionally, let them know that no matter the time of day they are a core piece of your company’s success.
Even something as simple as a card letting your VIP know they are being celebrated is a good gift. Be sure to include a gift card to a store or restaurant they love or even cash as a great way to give your gift that something extra special.
Whether you are considering sending simple thank you cards, presenting elaborate trophies, or a special curated kit, the fact remains that recognition makes your team feel valued and inspires them to be their best selves, further shaping your company culture. When tangible goals are met, and hard work is recognized this can have a real business value for your company.


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