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Recognize Employee Service Awards with our 10 Point Award Presentation Script

Employee service awards are one of the most meaningful events in an employee’s career, so you want to celebrate them accordingly! When an employee celebrates a milestone, such as twenty years of service, organize an award presentation with a group of teammates. Remember, it’s not the length of the ceremony that decides the impact of the recognition, but your enthusiasm, warmth, and sincerity. Use our ten point award presentation script to make the recognition count!

1. Welcome all for coming.

2. Announce the purpose of the award presentation. Make references to the value of the outstanding associate and what they mean to the organization.

3. Using their full name, ask the recipient to join you.

4. Mention the recipient’s name often, develop his/her background as it relates to the current achievement, such as date employed, in what capacity, contributing educational or work experience, past achievements, historical events, etc. Keep it personal and specific.

5. Briefly touch on the recipient’s current responsibilities and specific activities, accomplishments, and/or initiatives. It is not a necessity to list all accomplishments, just the key ones.

6. “Because of his/her hard work and continued dedication…” segue into the heart of the presentation – the reason you are honoring the recipient.

7. Present the employee service award. If appropriate, mention any gift the recipient will receive. Shake hands.

8. Thank the recipient for his/her effort, and the teammates for their continued support.

9. If appropriate, have the recipient speak and say a few words. This is especially fun to do for employee service awards of twenty or more years. They have great insight into how the organization has changed!

10. Thank the recipient again, and once again congratulate his/her achievement. End the award presentation by thanking everyone for joining the celebration.