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Remote Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Work From Home Employees

Remote Ways to Show Appreciation

When in the office, it’s easy to pop your head over to the next cubical and go “hey, great job on that report presentation!” or bump into someone at the coffee station, presenting the perfect opportunity to thank them for finishing that project early.

 You may be one of those asked to work from home, or your team has transitioned to WFH status. It can be a weird change, making appreciation and the communication of that appreciation something managers need to consider a top priority – more than ever!

When your teams are working remotely, it’s important that you still make appreciation present!

Send an eCard

Bring your appreciation to their inbox. An instant day-maker, ePraise is a free and fun way to share a little note of encouragement to your team. Browse the catalog of sentiments and styles HERE.   

Be Flexible with Their Time

A nice reward after a hard work week is letting employees leave the office an hour early or so. Why can’t you do the same for your WFH people to? Let them sign off a little early to enjoy a little extra “me” time or to start happy hour a little sooner.

Happy Hour (Virtual) Hangs

Speaking of happy hour, host a virtual one with your team! Allow the last 2 hours every other Thursday be a virtual hang out with your team. Everyone can sip on a drink of their choice while chatting about things that are non-work related. Your team members will get to know each other a little better and their morale will be boosted!

Send one of these fun mocktail drink recipes with your happy hour invite or try our Virtual Happy Hour Kit!

Snail Mail Never Fails

Sometimes a good ole’ fashion handwritten card is exactly the pick-me-up and appreciation everyone is craving! Personally write a thank you specific to each team member that’s working from home. Thank them for all that they’re contributing, noting their personal wins!

Tell It to Them Straight

You may not be able to verbally let them know how awesome they are face to face but send a video with your words of appreciation as if you were telling them in person! They’ll appreciate the gesture and enjoy the surprise! Also, communication is 38% is tone and inflection and 55% is body language – that will show in video!

Gift Cards in Their Inbox

Put an instant gift right in their inbox. Many local and nationwide business offer e-gift cards that will allow you to instantly treat and appreciate your team! Treat them to a gift of their choice on Amazon or cover their next coffee at Starbucks.

Employee of the Week Highlight

Each week pick a WFH employee that has gone above and beyond. Sing their praises in email, highlight them on you company’s social media feed, and give them some extra little perks, like late-start Friday where they can login a half hour later than normal. Your team members will feel special when they receive that coveted title!

Daily Email Shout Outs

Start an email thread (or group chat) with everyone on the team. Call out big and little wins that are achieved each day. By sharing in a group space, other team members have the opportunity to join in on the praises! Everyone loves some team lovin’!

Surpr!se Delivery

It’s hard to top a thoughtful, personalized gift to show appreciation. Pick the gift that screams them the most, personalize it, and then ship it straight to their doorsteps!

Show it in Dance

Okay, this one is a little silly, but it’s dual-purpose! It’s a way to give a recognition moment and your appreciation, as well as working as an ice breaker. It’s sometimes harder to connect as a team when you’re all working in different spaces, so having a chance to be goofy together breaks down some of those figurative walls! Have the person you’re recognizing choose one of their favorite songs to play in your morning huddle. Together (on video chat!) dance to that song for 3 minutes! You’ll definitely feel awkward and silly, but the laughs and gesture will be so worth it!

Whichever way you choose to show your appreciation to your work from home teams, it’s the showing appreciation in the first place that matters!

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