Mid-Year Summer Reflections on Employee Recognition

July 8, 2022 Scott Gillis

Mid-Year Summer Reflections on Employee Recognition

The dog days are at the mid point! The summer season is a great time to relax and enjoy a more casual time at the office, but employers should be careful not to forget about  employee recognition. I’ve come up with a handful of reflections to focus and be intentional for your employee recognition.
1. Do a recognition audit: You are at the mid-way point of the year. Take this time to reflect on how, on both a personal level and a corporate culture level, you have participated in employee recognition and appreciation. A mid-year audit is the perfect time to ensure you are doing all you can to recognize with intention.
2. Be authentic in why you give:  What you say or do to express appreciation must come from your heart. Recognition is a feeling and is sensed via the heart. Learn to be vulnerable and listen to your heart when it comes to appreciation and gratitude. By being authentic the recipient knows that the appreciation you are giving them means something and you are not just checking a box.
3. All-around listening is important:  Listen to everything around you, even what's not being said. Hear through your ears and brain without any personal agendas, smoke-screening out the recognition you should be giving. "Employees who know they are heard are more engaged and productive." (source)
4. Remind yourself, listening is hard work:  When you learn to listen well you will be able to elevate the recognition you give. By properly listening to your team you will know what is motivating and meaningful to them. It is important to properly work on listening and pick up on what your team is experiencing.
5. Boost gratitude through observation:  Observe what's really going on around the person you appreciate. Do you take in the facial features of people as they receive recognition? Are you identifying the body language reactions displayed?  "Studies show that practicing gratitude for just 5-minutes a day can make you 25% happier." (source)
6. Research what they like:  Make special note of the little things the person you're recognizing likes. What is important to them? Discover ways to enhance the recognition you give to people through what you learn from their work.
7. Remind yourself, no one is perfect:  Remember employees will be more forgiving of awkwardly expressed, but sincere comments from you, rather than hearing no recognition at all. People know that you mean what you are saying by your tone. Make sure you watch the consistency of your tone of voice when you start recognizing your team.
8. Recognition giving must be from the heart:  To give genuine caring, concern, and compassion, open your heart to others you work with. You must accept people just as they are and learn to be transparent with everyone around you. 
9. Give gifts that are fitting:  You must strive to find perfect gifts and tokens of appreciation that fit what the intended recipient likes. Send out a survey of what your team enjoys from snacks to games and more.  And here's a reflection for you: How much are you giving of yourself when you give recognition to people?

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