DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Are Easy, Affordable, and Quick!

April 29, 2016 Audrey

We all know that teachers deal with a lot…


And Teacher Appreciation Day is both important and deserved!


But administrators and parents aren’t exactly swimming in extra time and moolah. So, here are 6+ awesome ideas for easy, affordable, and last-minute DIY teacher appreciation gifts! 

All of these have “ingredients” you can grab at any local superstore—so no running to every craft store within a 60 mile radius. Almost every gift has free printable templates, and since the big day is Tuesday, all are super quick and easy to put together.   


1. Candy Bars with Cutesy Appreciation Messages



2. Journal with Attached Ribbon and Card



3. Basket of Colorful Flowers Dry Erase Markers



4. Soda Popping with Praise!



5. Thanks a Latte & Gift Card



6. 19 Gift Card & Heartfelt Message Combos



If you deliver any of these gifts with a smile, we’re positive that your teachers will be inspired by your thoughtfulness all year long!




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We're so passionate about Teacher Appreciation, we even wrote an eBook about it! Click below to download it for free. 

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