10 Creative Ideas to Improve Your Work Culture

May 12, 2011

Next week, our Recognition TV webisode will be sharing the details of our recent success story at Grace Haven Assisted Living, an assisted living facility in Michigan. We worked with Grace Haven to help them turnaround the negative culture, low level of teamwork, and high absentee rate that was defining their organization. After implementing strategic employee recognition programs, Grace Haven experienced a true culture transformation!

Register for the special half hour webisode and download the complete employee recognition success story.

You can get started transforming your culture today with these easy and low cost culture boosting ideas:

1. Personalize Your Services. A payroll officer personalized her job of delivering paychecks by donning a rhinestone tiara and sash and becoming the Payroll Queen. She would often write a personal note on the check stub and hand-deliver the checks to each worker. Brainstorm ways you can bring more fun to your position and your team!

2. Send Out Sweet Sensations. There are many ways to sweeten someone’s day at work. Put a candy dish on your desk or give a treat, like a Crunch bar to someone who is under a deadline crunch.

3. Fun Catches On. Don’t wait for fun to come to you! Consciously choosing your attitude and behavior to embrace enthusiasm, joy, and fun generates positive energy and directly affects the mood of all around you. Fill a Tupperware box with on-the-spot recognition items, and give them to deserving colleagues!

4. Lighten Up Your Presentations. By using other methods of “edutainment,” audience members will find your message more memorable than the usual training tedium. Present your information in a fun format, such as a rap song, skit, dance routine, or puppet show.

5. Be the One for Fun. Champion the cause for creating an enjoyable workplace! Laughing is a simple way to improve the mood at work. It’s contagious! Your good mood can affect others in a positive way.

6. Refresh, Renew, and Recharge. Encourage your team to take short breaks in between bouts of concentrated work. When they return to the task, they will feel revitalized and ready to be even more productive! Encourage them to go for a short walk or take a break outside to get some fresh air.

7. Make a Game of It. Challenge yourself and your team to make a mundane task more exciting. For example, set a timer to see how much you can complete in a set period of time, or challenge a co-worker to see who can get the most done.

8. The Name Game. Build morale and team spirit by making a game of naming your teams, departments, products, or meeting spaces. Baudville’s creative team made a game of naming their rooms using the Fish Suggestion System – the winning names included the Think Tank, Fish Bowl, and Theatre.

9. Open House Today. Have each department host an open house to share what they do and how they do it. Often, co-workers don’t always know exactly what goes on outside their immediate territory. Host an open house complete with treats, greeters, and a tour of the department.

10. Prime Time Players. Enlist a creative and dramatic team of employees to create an entertaining educational training video for new hires. A new hire video is a great way to introduce new team members to your culture. 


Cori is Baudville's in-house Recognitionista (she's officially a Certified Recognition Professional, too)  and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her employee recognition tips and special discounts by liking Baudville on Facebook.

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