10 Easy Employee Recognition Tips to Keep Recognition a Priority

February 2, 2015

Recognizing employees on a regular basis is an important part of employee engagement and retention strategies. But with managers overburdened with growing responsibilities, how can you keep employee recognition front of mind? We’ve put together ten employee recognition tips to help managers remember to give recognition and make it a habit. Adopt more than one of our employee recognition tips to ensure that recognition happens on a regular basis at your organization.

1. Create a recognition strategy.
A recognition strategy identifies employee behaviors that advance the organization’s values and goals. Once you internalize the business implications of practicing employee recognition, you’ll be more likely to make it a part of your everyday routine.

2. Schedule reminders on your calendar.
Discipline yourself to give recognition by setting aside time on your calendar to think about employee behavior you’ve observed. Once you’ve identified who you’re recognizing and why, write a note of recognition and deliver it to the recipient.

3. Keep tools in sight and within reach.
A constant visual of recognition tools is
 a better reminder than tying a ribbon around your finger. Keep the items on your desk to keep recognition front of mind. Our latest and greatest, Awesome-in-a-box kits, are a perfect managers tool!


4. Have a peer hold you accountable.
Sticking to a goal is easier with a buddy who can keep you accountable. Ask a peer to take on the employee recognition initiative, too, and then meet for lunch every week for status updates and encouragement.

5. Implement peer-to-peer recognition.
A peer-to-peer recognition program 
gets the entire team involved in the recognition process. When you receive recognition and see it happening around you, you’ll be more likely to give it to others, too.

6. Make it part of your routine.
Incorporate recognition into something you do regularly. Add it as an agenda item in a team meeting or begin to write a thank you note
every day before you leave work. Once you engrain recognition into your regular routine, you won’t have to think twice to do it.

7. Add employee recognition to your performance review.
What gets measured gets done. Speak with your manager about adding employee recognition as a goal you’ll be evaluated on at the end of the year. Consider adding it to your direct reports’ reviews, too. You could implement and track a peer-to-peer recognition program where they can all participate

8. Keep a record of the recognition you give.
Keeping a log of recognition and the recipients serves as a personal tracking tool. Create a list of all your direct reports and make notes on who receives recognition. Try to encourage every employee

9. Get easy-to-use tools.
An important part of doing recognition regularly is having tools that are easy-to-use and that you enjoy giving to your employees. Use our Recognition Tool Finder
 to find the best recognition tool for you, or before buying, test a variety of sample products.

10. Change it up.
Keep up a steady flow of new employee recognition tips, and your employees will never bore or tire of the recognition you give them! Stay on the lookout for new tools you can use or different ideas for team events. You can get new employee recognition tips sent to you by
signing up for Baudville’s monthly recognition e-newsletter, Recognition at Work and by receiving email updates every time a new blog entry is posted. 

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