3 Resolutions That Will Boost Your Company’s Culture This Year

January 25, 2018 Abby Oberholtzer

Your company culture is one of the most powerful HR tools to attract and retain inspired employees.  Unlike traditional (yet still very important) perks like competitive pay and stellar benefits, a first-rate culture can truly help connect an individual to their work and your organization.  Set organizational goals this year that will help boost your reputation as an awesome place to work!

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Welcome & Ask for Feedback

The topic of employee engagement has gotten a lot of attention from HR professionals lately, and rightfully so.  A workforce that is inspired, motivated and just plain excited about who they work for and what they do every day is invaluable. Engaged employees work harder and produce infinitely better work than those who see their jobs as simply a means to paycheck. 

Begin your organization’s journey to an engaged workforce by regularly “checking the pulse” of your team with employee surveys.  In the collective responses of your employees, you will be able to identify common areas of concern and make adjustments to help boost employee satisfaction. Making these frequent check-ins anonymous may help you get more candid responses from your workforce. Showing your employees that you care about their concerns will promote a culture of transparency and honesty in 2018. 


Promote Wellness

Corporate wellness programs aren’t a new concept. Since its inception, your organization’s wellness initiatives may need a facelift this year. Take some time during the next several weeks to assess how you currently incentivize and encourage your team to be their best selves! Whether it’s by issuing each of your employees a pedometer for a step contest, or paying for each employee’s flu shot, show that you care about the well-being of your employees with a stellar wellness program!

When looking for ways to encourage your employees to live healthfully, remember that wellness is more than simply exercising regularly and eating right. Implement initiatives that will help your team incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. Hold stress-relief seminars and sponsor employee Yoga classes. Never forget that a healthy employee is often a happy one too! 

Corporate Wellness Initiatives Can Boost Your Company's Culture!


Spread Positivity & Praise

Very few people can say they haven’t been exposed to negativity in the workplace. And even fewer could argue it hasn’t affected their team’s morale and overall mojo. This year, make it your mission to incorporate positivity and appreciation into every level of your organization.  Equip managers with everyday notes and on-the-spot gifts they can use to pass on praise to their teams.

But don’t let the recognition stop there. Encourage and incentivize individuals to build up their teammates with kind words and cards.  Peer to peer recognition breathes new life into organizations because it fosters goodwill and kindness between colleagues, managers and more!

Put your best steps forward this year toward a stellar company culture.  New recruits will line up down the block after they’ve heard how awesome it is to work for your business. Plus, positive changes in your culture will re-energize your most valuable employees – the ones you already have!


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