3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Company

June 23, 2015

This year Baudville has been named one of 101’s Best and Brightest companies to work for. This is our eighth year in a row! (Woo!) But what exactly makes us the best and the brightest? Is it our fun, light-hearted attitude? Or our work-life balance? Maybe our Ping-Pong table? I believe all of these things factor into us being one of the greatest companies in West Michigan… But what else makes a company bright?

Every year, lists are populated with forecasted trends in workplaces, culture, management, and more. From my working experience, all businesses operate differently and some things just aren’t feasible. (Like Google’s free rental car system, errand-runners, never-ending gourmet food served at all hours of the day, death benefits that pay half salary to your spouse for 10 years after your passing… Wait, did I just read that correctly?)  While all of those things are great, and would indeed be things that would deem a company the best and the brightest, it boils down to something more than that. Something simpler. So, what is it?

Overall employee happiness.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet, because we’ve all heard this one before. But really. This is often overlooked and undercompensated. Not all of us can snap our fingers and serve gourmet food in our break room, but there are smaller, simpler steps to cultivating happy employees. Below is a list of simple opportunities to experiment with, and in turn, shine brighter as a company:

Lessen stress by promoting well-being. For some it’s a struggle getting out of the office to make time for a doctor’s appointment without feeling like time is being wasted. Promoting wellness as a priority rather than an option makes it a little easier on the employee. Bonus points if you implement a health and wellness program within the four walls of your office. This motivates and engages employees to go above and beyond, and it’s proven that what we eat has a direct impact on our work performance, so giving employees the added motivation with a health and wellness program may even boost productivity. Win, win.

Work/life balance. In 2015, unplugging from work seems to be nearly impossible with technology, taking breaks at work seems ‘impossible’ with the length of our to-do lists, and it’s becoming easier and easier to fall into the rut of lunch at your desk and missing out on proper recharging time. Encourage employees to unplug, recharge, and to get up and move! Adding a game cupboard, Ping-Pong table, or picnic tables outside are great motivators. Building downtime in a hectic schedule can be crucial to productivity, and enforcing this in the workplace reminds employees that balance is not only okay, but necessary.


Praise individually. Naturally saving the best for last! We’re all about employee recognition. This is our forte, and we believe in it. Organizations with strategic recognition programs in place exhibit 28.6% lower frustration levels than companies without recognition programs (SHRM Survey, 2012). We know, by practice, that recognized employees are happier employees overall. Don’t have a plan in place? We’ve got you covered. Check out our eBook that dives deeper into recognition and business results, and how to get started on building your own recognition program.

It all starts with the individual. A happy employee = a happier workplace. Now tell us, how does your company shine?

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Kaleigh joined Baudville in 2015 as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. She's got a love for all things content, knack for all things wordy, and a passion for web marketing. With her eCommerce background, she wants to be sure to make your web experience more than great.

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