3 Ways to Get More Involved at Work!

August 6, 2015

From the time we were little, being involved in clubs, teams, or serving our communities has been engrained in us as a great way to build relationships and fill our resumes. Sadly, it seems like once we land the job, we stop engaging in these ways with our workplace peers. But the benefits of “being part of something” are still very much alive and well. So how can you, or your team, get more involved at work? We’ve got some ideas!

  1. Use Your Skills. Perhaps you love photography, maybe you’re into music, or you’re great at planning and logistics… At your next company event, enlist your skills to help make your event special! Whether you offer to take photos, provide entertainment, or make sure everything runs smoothly, using your special gifts and talents outside of your day-to-day work lets you exercise your passion and helps the team, too! A win-win! 
  2. Give Back. If your company gives back to the community, offer to get involved by volunteering your time as a team! Serving together is one of the best ways to build camaraderie and unite for a cause. Here at Baudville, our employees love the opportunities we’ve had to volunteer at the Equest Center to make an extra-special impact on those in-need in our community. 
  3. Extra-Curriculars! Workplaces are always aflutter with activities! Whether you’re launching new health and wellness activities or planning the next ice cream social, look for ways to get everyone involved. We recently revived our internal newsletter and asked for volunteers to lead the project. A group of people from all departments are now on the newsletter team working together and interacting in ways throughout the company to build relationships and strengthen communication throughout the entire organization.


Maybe you have a co-ed softball team, or monthly ping pong tournaments, or lunchtime trivia contests, or perhaps you allow sign-ups for who brings the Friday sweet treat. There are tons of ways to allow your staff to get involved, exercise their skills and talents, and be recognized by their peers for skills they don’t use in their day-to-day routines. By getting involved they’ll learn a lot about each other and be more engaged in your workplace culture. In what ways do your employees get involved? Share them in the comments below! 

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