4 Ways Celebrating Work & Wedding Anniversaries Are Exactly The Same

May 24, 2016 Audrey



When you're caught up in the swing of a new relationship or a new job, things can be magical. There's a weird combination of excitement and terror that has you on the edge of your seat, sometimes even dreaming about the next time you'll be together. Will you be prepared? Will they like you? Will you have your first kiss? (Hopefully not if we're talking about your job on this one...) As time goes on, the romance sometimes fades but in work and in marriage, a little celebration can re-ignite the fire! Check out these 4 ways that celebrating a work or wedding anniversary are kinda-exactly the same.


1. You Need To Remember It

Ignore this advice at your own peril. If you've ever been a part of a forgotten work/wedding anniversary, you know that the day goes from golden to black pretty quickly when someone forgets. 



2. Gifts Should Be Personal

My Mother-in-Law once got a new set of tires for her wedding anniversary...



While I'm sure the sentiment behind this gift was full of warmth and love, the result was an anniversary she never forgot... or failed to tell everyone with ears about. For work, don't give out toasters to every employee reaching 5 years of service. Choose something more unique or add a personalized sentiment or handwritten note. 


3. Every Year Is A Big Deal



There's a ton of research that underlines the importance of celebrating every anniversary, not just the blockbuster 5, 10, & 20.


(The Bureau of Labor Statistics found the 2012 median number of years that workers had been with their employer was 4.4 years. That’s 7.2 months shy of receiving even a 5-year service award).


The thing is, if you don't show your team member or spouse how much you care about and appreciate them, you might not make it to the next milestone year. Wasn't is Jane Austen that said that love dies without proper encouragement? 


4. Celebrating Anniversaries Contributes To The Bottom Line

When you make a sincere effort to celebrate the day your employee became an essential piece of the team or you became one with your husband or wife, great things happen!


“A Towers Perrin study found companies with high employee engagement had a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings per share over a 12-month period.”


TLC brings out the passion and hardwork in people and engaged employees do better work, benefitting the company as a whole. It's the same with marriage. Taking the time to infuse a little romance into your relationship reaps rewards like crazy. Go on a date - throw a compliment their way - stand back and feel the love. 



How do you make anniversaries special? Share your secrets in the comments!

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