4 Ways to Avoid Making Your Year-End Party a Snooze-fest

November 7, 2016 Abby Oberholtzer

2016 is coming to a close with the speed of the Polar Express and the horsepower of Santa's Sleigh.  Year-end parties are packed full of potential to bring your team members together to celebrate 365 days full of big wins, memorable achievements, and jobs well-done.  Appreciate all your employees by giving them a night they won’t be able to stop talking about all year long. Check out these four foolproof ways to avoid making your holiday party the annual office obligation that bores the snot out of anyone brave enough to actually attend. 

  • Make the Venue Great: Whether you’ve been given a modest budget and are hosting the party within the four walls of your office space or your event-planning committee has booked the Ritz-Carlton, the atmosphere is an important part of any party.  If you are limited to your office, dress the place up with decorations, linens and lights that help people forget they’re in the office!  Add an interesting twist to your party by picking a theme and sticking to it.  Some of our favorites include: Winter Wonderland, Casino night, Gatsby, ugly Christmas sweater, and tropical holiday.  Baudville-9933.jpg
  • Always Food:  If there’s one area you shouldn’t be skimping on for your year-end event, it’s the grub. Whether you opt for a plated dinner or a large selection of delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts, people are going to come to the party hungry (and maybe even a little hangry)!  Order in the mind-blowing clam chowder from the bistro down the street, or have everyone’s favorite local BBQ joint cater the whole meal! Whatever you choose, try your best to consider what your people like and let that guide your planning process.
  • Lots o’ Gift-aways: Year-end parties at Baudville are always a really, really big deal.  They’re filled with amazing food, meaningful speeches, MVP awards and tons of awesome prizes and giveaways.  Put everyone’s names in your Santa hat and draw a name at random for each prize, or initiate some friendly (and healthy) competition by hosting your own gameshow where employees can win coveted prizes!Baudville-0183.jpg
  • Make it Fun: This should be a no-brainer, but it’s important to make your year-end party fun! After all, it is a party.  While it’s important to recognize your MVPs, try not to turn the celebration into a 3 hour long award presentation filled with pageantry, lengthy speeches and feigned enthusiasm.  Instead, focus the evening on fun! Hire a DJ and have a dance party after your dinner and brief yet meaningful award ceremony.  Turn your meal into a murder mystery complete with professional actors from a local theater. Let your creativity shine when it comes time to plan your year-end shindig, and your party will be anything but dull!baudville party-baudville party-0142.jpg

From the dinner selections you make to the awards you give out, leave no detail unnoticed when planning your year-end event! Find more holiday party mistakes to avoid here.

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