5 Awesome Company Picnic Ideas

June 13, 2019 Julia Daihl


Why Host a Company Picnic in the First Place

Company picnics are great mid-year celebrations. It gives upper management the opportunity to spend time with everyone and allows the entire company to come together as a whole. Picnics are also the perfect time to recognize employees and their work.

While enjoying good food and fun activities, employees will be feeling the love and appreciation, which will keep them engaged back at the office.


Classic BBQ Company Picnic Idea

You can’t go wrong with a good ‘ole fashioned BBQ.

Food: hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, and potato salad – I’m drooling just thinking about all the yummy food that grace those picnic tables.

Games: cornhole, ring toss, and three-legged race

Decorations: checkered tablecloths, big sunflowers in mason jars, and chalkboard signs

Giveaway: motivating company t-shirts


Tropical Company Picnic Luau Idea

Bring on all the easy breezy vibes.

Food: fresh fruit salad, mocktails in tiki cups, and Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders

Games: hula hoop contest, limbo, and coconut bowling

Decorations: palm frond paper garland, pink plastic flamingos, and grass skirts

Giveaway: Shimmering Pineapple Tumbler


Summer Fun Company Picnic Idea

Embrace the bright colors summer brings us and run with it!

Food: tacos, brightly frosted cupcakes, and a candy bar

Games: giant twister, pinata, and ladder golf

Decorations: bold colors tassel garland, fruit shaped balloons, and multi-colored streamers

Giveaway: Cheer Pin Bundle – You’re Better Than


Summer Camp Company Picnic Idea

Honor the glory days and bring back the joy of summer camp, minus the mosquitos.

Food: s’mores, burgers, and bug juice

Games: three-legged race, water balloon toss, and telephone

Decorations: log slices, teepees, and pine cones

Giveaway: Adventure Mug


The Office Company Picnic Idea

Take a nod from the show The Office and make it Office themed. Kinda ironic, kinda wonderful.

Food: Stanley’s pretzels, Dunder Mifflin themed cookies, and “Big Tuna” sandwiches

Games: guess the number of cheese balls, your own version of The Dundies, and beet toss

Decorations: Dundie trophies, “No Tobys Allowed” signs, and a simple white banner that just says “It Is A Party”

Giveaway: just a Fidget Spinner Pen


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