4 Fascinating First Days

January 11, 2021 Abby Oberholtzer

For good or for bad, an employee’s first days set the tone for their journey within your organization.  Make like a great first date and leave them wanting to get serious with your company! From the obligatory benefits orientation to something as simple as their seating arrangement, make it your mission to create a consistently awesome onboarding experience.  In this article, we will take a look at and learn from four fascinating (for reasons good and bad) employee first days!   

Lizzie's Lame First Day: The ink had barely dried on my college diploma when I began my first day on the job. I was initially drawn to this particular hospitality organization because I'm a people-person with a love for the city and all people who visit it.  But sadly, my first day didn't really reflect the personality of the business that originally sold me on the job in the first place! It was my first "big girl job" out of college and I was very nervous. I met with various department heads, filled out piles of paperwork and got a tour of the office from a man I fondly remember as Mr. Monotone.  On the plus side, my new manager and team members took me out for lunch to break up the day (and the ice)! Overall, I left my first day feeling uncomfortable and even more nervous.


Jessica's Jam-Packed First Day: When I think of a warm welcome, I think of the day I joined the team of a well-known retail company. I landed my dream job, and I ended up having a dream of a first day! From the first moment I walked in the door, my day was jam-packed with activities. Every moment was perfectly scheduled - I didn't even have time to be nervous! Everyone in my department went out of their way to  introduce themselves to me. My onboarding experience made me feel so welcomed and so excited to begin my journey with that company!


Isaac's Uninspired First Day: I showed up for my first day of a new sales job ready to win.  During the interview process, I was sold on the company's awesome product line and was excited to impress management with my work ethic and mad sales skills. However, the welcome wagon at this new organization was lackluster at best. After having the basic orientation and welcome lunch with the team I was left to look at product catalogs all afternoon. I had a gut feeling the job wasn't right for me after day one! And sure enough, the lame first impression carried through my entire two-year journey with that company. 


Rachel's Rockin' First Day:  Accepting this particular position was a step in a completely different career direction for me, so I was definitely nervous going into my first day. Immediately upon entering the building I was given a warm (like hot cocoa after sledding warm) welcome. My new manager and the HR representative who lead me through the hiring process both met with me first thing in the morning, making me feel at ease. I was given a customized schedule that outlined what I would be doing my first week. Unlike many other jobs I had started in the past, I felt so much more confident knowing what I would be doing and what I could expect during my first several days. My new team took me out to lunch where I was able to put names to faces, really get to know them and get a feel for who I would be working most closely with in my daily duties. I left my first day feeling so excited for what was to come! Yay for awesome first impressions!


No matter what your current onboarding program looks like, hopefully you were able to come away with a few gold nuggets you can use to boost your welcoming efforts from these five first days! Want to learn more about first day best practices? Check out this blog article to discover how you can make an even better first impression!

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