5 Last Minute Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

February 28, 2017 Abby

Employee Appreciation Day (aka the best, most amazing, festive and exciting day of the year) is Friday, March 3rd! Even with this event only days away, you can still make it memorable for your entire team. Here are a few easy ways you can pump up the pep and celebrate the everyday heroes in your office this Friday!

1. Happy Hour: Put an urgent 4:30 P.M. Friday meeting on your employee's calendars and in the "Location" field, type the name of everyone's favorite pub or local restaurant. Appreciate your team by peacing-out of the office a little early on Friday to kick back with your team and a cold brew. Laughter and fun will surely ensue!

2. Time Off: Sometimes intangible gifts are the best gifts! Reward your employees by letting them off a few hours early on Friday (with pay, if possible) so they can get a jump-start on the weekend! Or, even better, add a few extra hours of PTO in their time-off bank so they can use their "appreciation day" whenever they would like!


3. Pamper Them: Contract with a local spa or massage therapist to set up a chair massage station in a common area of your office. Invite your employees to sign up for a time slot to be pampered with appreciation! Another great option is to offer complimentary manicures to your staff!


4: Lots of Food: Surprise your team with a catered breakfast or lunch and just sit back and watch the good vibes and appreciation fill the air! Nothing says "Dang you're on fire!" like a tall stack of steaming pancakes or a burrito that's bursting at the seams.


5. Games: Break up the workday with fun activities for your team! Get everyone involved in a friendly corn hole competition, ping pong tournament, or scavenger hunt. Festivities like these can help people shake off the stress from their desks and connect with their fellow team members! 

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