5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Boss’s Day

October 11, 2022 Amy McNeel


5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Boss’s Day

When it comes to a positive work culture, recognition is key. In fact, according to a recent study by Zippia, 80% of employees say they are motivated to work harder when they are recognized for their work by their superiors. But how about the other way around? Recognition often flows downward in the workplace, with managers and executives acknowledging the efforts of their employees. However, managers and executives benefit from recognition, too – a practice that is seen much more rarely.

When employees are empowered to recognize their direct superiors, the process of recognition becomes cyclical and whole – Managers recognize employees, and employees recognize managers. This makes for an environment of positivity that fosters and fuels work ethic and retention. So how can you start pointing recognition upwards? A great way to start is with a simple “thank you” on Boss’s Day, which is being celebrated on Monday, October 16th this year. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your boss but are in a crunch, fear not! We have plenty of last-minute Boss’s Day gift ideas that are sure to impress.

5 Last Minute Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Engravable Gifts

Engravable Executive Mousepad
You're the G.O.A.T Trophy
Executive Crystal Skeleton Clock - Silver

Do you have the greatest boss of all time? Share your appreciation with a quality award or desk accessory! Go in together as a team for a lower cost gift with a big impact.

All of our in-stock engravable products are shipped same-day when placed and approved by 3 pm EST!

  1. Curated Gift Boxes

Delightly: Mental Health Day
Delightly: Comfort + Joy Kit
Delightly: Atomic Habits Kit

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, curated gift kits are the way to go! Pre-packed with exclusive, quality components, these Delightly gift kits take the hard work out of shopping. Plus, there are more than 60 kits to choose from, so you can truly pick the perfect one for your boss.

The cherry on top? All Delightly Quick Ship Kits are sent out same day when ordered by 3 pm EST!

  1. Customizable Gifts

Custom: Eco-Wise Bamboo Tumbler
Custom: Mod Vibes Ceramic Planter
Custom: Trendy Fabric Speaker

Drinkware, plant, and tech gifts are always crowd pleasers, but adding customization can make these gifts even more special! With more than 60 customizable gifts to choose from, there is something perfect for every recipient!

All custom products are personalized in-house, which makes for an extra quick turnaround!

  1. EPraise

Looking for something that’s easier on the wallet but just as meaningful as the above gifts? Send an EPraise! These cards are easy to personalize and free to send. Simply select your design, write a note, insert the email of your recipient and send!

  1. Edible Gifts

Pasta Night Gift Set
Virtual Happy Hour Drink Kit - Cosmo
Sweet Intentions Gift Sets - Thankful

Nothing is better than a warm batch of cookies or a hot cup of coffee! Make your Boss’s Day gift cost-effective and personal by making them some of their favorite treats! Or, shop these edible gifts for even more inspo!


When it comes to the workplace, everybody wants to be recognized. It’s motivating, inspiring, and simply feels good. While recognition largely flows downward, those above could use some positivity, too. On this Boss’s Day, share your appreciation and let the recognition cycle begin!

If you have more ideas for quick, last minute Boss’s Day gifts, leave them in the comments! Plus, check out our Ultimate Boss’s Day Gift Guide for Any Boss!

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