5 New Promotional Products (And How To Use Them)

April 14, 2021 Lane Hokanson


5 New Promotional Products (And How To Use Them)


Promotional products aren't just for tradeshows, conferences, or mailers anymore. In the last few years, we've really seen the expansion of promotional gifts go wild - and even more so now that so many of us are spread out and not working in the same space. 

Discover the unlimited potential of branded swag below!

Add Your Logo: Healthy Gourmet Kit - $45.15

Talk about swag: this is something that's going to spark JOY when they receive it. Promotional products no longer have to just be limited to something basic. This gourmet kit will keep your name on their lips - even longer than just the meal is!

How to use: at a company picnic, to welcome new clients, or to celebrate new homeowners.

Add Your Logo: Sprout Pouch Set - $4.29

Get them to sprout for joy with this sprout pouch set! Plants are always going to be a crowd-pleaser, because they're the perfect mix of fun and functional. Greens add vibrance to any space and are guaranteed to spread some deep-rooted appreciation!

How to use: lure new clients, onboard team members, or just celebrate the coming warmth of summer for appreciation with existing staff!


Add Your Logo: Clean-Screen Cloth Set - $1.99

Alright, we four-eyed friends have always coveted these microfiber cloths to keep lenses clean. But now more than ever, as we wear masks daily, this is the perfect way to keep your specs polished - and your brand in sharp focus.

How to use: as a free giveaway at an event, as part of a mail piece for virtual conferences, or popped onto employee desks as a thank you!

Add Your Logo: Field & Co. Canvas Tote - $18.99

Okay, we all know that bags are tote-ally awesome. But this one is the essential mix of functional and stylish. With faux leather handles and a canvas snap pocket, this will be their new favorite toss-all bag.

How to use: make a lasting impression for new clients by filling the totes with local favorites (think wine, glasses, books, snacks, etc.!), or garner some long-lasting appreciation by handing these out to commuter employees to keep their stuff sorted and your brand front-facing.


Add Your Logo: Mini Cube Speaker - $27.99

One of our favorite perks of working at home is that we can pump up the tunes. Encourage some enthusiasm with this pocket-sized portable speaker that really packs a punch. Add your logo (or a message of your choosing) to the top of this bamboo cube and they're sure to associate you with fun!

How to use: pair this with a google play gift card or a spotify precurated playlist to really pack a boost for your brand!

Did you know we're on Spotify? You can follow us for some solid tunes! Find us here.

Add Your Logo: Phone Sanitizer and Charger - $35.99

If you're actually looking to gift their favorite-ever piece of swag, we've got you covered. This Phone sanitizer will calm even the most nervous by killing 99% of bacteria that commonly lives on the surface of your smart phone. Even better? It also charges while it sanitizes.

How to use: add a punny sentiment about good clean fun or a message of gratitude for their work from home flexibility!

Psst: did you know you have your very own account manager to help you find the perfect fit for your promotional needs?  Find yours here.


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