5 Simple Steps for Creating and Using Pinterest

January 26, 2012

If you are new to the whole Pinterest scene, let us help you get started. Baudville’s Pinterest gives you great ideas for Holidays and Celebrations, Baudville Products We Love, Office Potluck Ideas, plus a lot more great ideas. For more about Baudville’s Pinterest, check out our blog post "Make a board for office ideas. Baudville just got a Pinterest!" Who knows you could be winning prizes from Baudville for creating a Baudville employee recognition Pinterest board!


First things first, we need to establish a "Pinterest Dictionary" with Pinterest words and definitions.

Pinterest: A virtual pin board that helps you organize and share your ideas, favorite products, and recipes. Pretty much anything you want to share or remember that’s on the web. 

Board: A virtual place that houses your pins. Boards can be a part of different categories in order to help you find more relevant content.

Pin: A pin is each individual idea, favorite product, recipe, or web inspiration.

Repin: Pinning someone else’s pin that you enjoy, want to remember, and share with your followers

Pinners you follow: Your Pinterest friends!


5 steps for creating a Pinterest:

1.    Create an account

Printerest makes you request an invite in order to create an account before you can start pinning on your boards. When you first visit Pinterest.com, click on the red "Request an Invite" button. Simply enter your email address and Pinterest will email you an invite link. Requesting an invite through Pinterest can take up to 2-5 days to receive your invite link. If you wish to start pinning sooner, email Baudville at recognition@baudville.com. We will send you an invite within a day (if sent during the weekday) and then you can start pinning! 




2.    Create Boards    

When you first access your Pinterest account, there will be 5 boards already created for you to start pinning on. Favorite Places & Spaces, Books Worth Reading, My Style, Products I Love, and For the Home. To add another board like Favorite Baudville Products, simply click the Add + button. Create a name for the board, "I love Baudville!" and then choose a category that the board would best fit in, Products. 

Create a Board  Editing Board 

















3.    Pinning

There are two main ways to pin ideas, products, photos, etc. on your Pinterest boards.

First, you can repin someone else's pin. When repining, choose the board you want the pin to be a part of, write a brief description about the photo or product, and then Pin It!




Second, you can pin photos off the internet. In order to do this you must add the Pinterest bookmark to your toolbar. Further details about how to install the bookmark on your browser can be found here. When you find a photo of something you want to pin, click the "Pin It" bookmark and choose the photo you want to share. Then choose a board that you want the pin to be a part of and write a brief description of what you pinned and why.




4.    Following other Pinners

Go to your name and click “Find Friends” This syncs up with your Facebook and you can see what Facebook friends of yours are on Pinterest. If you want to invite someone click "Invite" and type in their email address. 


5.    Look at Pins

After you have everything set up you can start to look at other Pins! To view the pins of the people you follow, click on "Pinners you Follow". This will show you their most recent pins.
Or, choose a category from the "Everything" drop down menu. This shows you what everyone on Pinterest is posting in a specific category at that moment.


Looking at other Pins



There you have it, a simple way to start your own Pinterest account, boards, and pins.To find out more visit the help section found on Pinterest. 



Kendra is the newest Baudvillian. She is currently an advertising  intellectual at Grand Valley State University, and is ecstatic about the change of atmosphere as Baudville’s web marketing intern. Watch out  because this young professional just touched down at Baudville. 


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