5 Tips for an Appreciation Event to Remember

January 26, 2016

Baudville is known for epic employee appreciation events. When I started working here, one of the first events I heard about was the year-end holiday party and all of the amazing ways that Baudville uses that party to make sure their employees feel warm and fuzzy all year round. Fun at Work Day is coming up, and wouldn’t you know, we’re planning another event for our team!

As proprietors of all things appreciation, we at Baudville have a pretty great handle on planning employee appreciation events. In this post, we’ll show you how to make your event an affair to remember. (See what I did there?) The rainy/sleety gray January weather has me channeling Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Like the heroine in the iconic film, An Affair to Remember, your team deserves to be told how much they mean to you without any tragic trips to the top of the Empire State Building. What better way to say “I care” than throwing an appreciation shindig?


Make your employee appreciation event an affair to remember with these five helpful tips:


1. Pick an Appreciation Theme.

A theme is so important to the success of an event. Themes set the stage for the event in everything from your invitation to your decorations. Using a theme ensures that your event is memorable. When all the elements of your event coordinate, your attendees get more exposure to the theme and are more likely to remember it.


2. Send an Invitation.

Show your appreciation for your attendees by sending an invitation to your appreciation event. Invitations set the tone that this event is important! Whether you go formal with a paper invite or informal with an eCard, your invitation should include the pertinent information—i.e. start and end time, activities, dress code, and any other details your employees might want ahead of time.


3. Set the Agenda.

The agenda is an essential step that ensures your event will run smoothly. It’ll cover the outline of activities, speakers, or awards taking place and the order in which they’ll occur. Don’t worry if your agenda changes a little in the moment; flexibility is key when planning an event!


4. Choose a Gift.

Make your event even more memorable with a lasting token of your appreciation. A small gift that coordinates with your theme can even be used as a table decoration by setting one at each attendee’s place setting. That easy and meaningful step will not only save on decoration cost but further reinforce your theme!


5. Get Feedback.

Okay, so you’ve thrown the employee appreciation event of the century and you’re sure it was a great success! At least, you think so. Take a moment after the event to get feedback from attendees. Find out what was wonderful and where you might have room for improvement. You can even ask for ideas for your next event!


Bonus Tips:

Planning an appreciation event requires careful attention to detail and a ready-for-anything attitude! Our experienced Baudville event planners have two bonus tips to keep you on top of every detail!


First: Use an event planning checklist. We’ve even made one for you! This checklist covers every single detail you could possibly need to check off before your event.


Second: Create an event toolkit. Put items you might need in any emergency into a small plastic case and carry it with you on the day of the event. You could include: tape, a stapler, pens, string, and even a screwdriver! Take a moment to include whatever makes you feel prepared in order to tackle your event with confidence.


Through all of the appreciation event planning we do at Baudville, the most important lesson we’ve learned is to be prepared. Work with your team to plan for the best, the worst, and everything in between, and you’ll throw an employee appreciation event that your company won’t soon forget! 

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