5 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day | 2021

February 15, 2021 Lane Hokanson


5 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day | 2021

Let's be real - this year has not gone how any of us expected.

And we're almost to the point where we can't even say this year. Pretty soon, we'll have to tack an 's' onto the end of that sentence. (Which is a huge bummer, we know).
Despite the fact that so many of us have faced indeterminable hardships - from layoffs to losses to furloughs and financial struggles - there have been many bright moments. There have been reestablished friendships, teams that have been strengthened, and barriers that have been broken. We've had to get creative in the way we worked, in the way we communicated, and the way we managed our daily lives.

So this year, more than any year previously, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the little things.

Whether your team is transitioning to being back in the office, continuing to work virtually from home, or some combination of the two, here are 5 ways to celebrate your team this Employee Appreciation Day.

1. Surprise Them With Something Special

There's nothing quite like the feeling of having something that's been made just for you. We're big fans of that personal connection here at Baudville, and it's easy to miss it during these distanced days. Our Surprise! line is one of our favorites because the items are so customizable. We've put together a cheat sheet of graphics that can be personalized with your teammate's name or your company's logo - but the sky is the limit with this line. Want to put their face on a tumbler? We got you. Hoping to create a haiku and print it on a cup? No problem. No matter how you want to recognize your team, we can make it happen.

2. Promote Appreciation

It can be hard to stay on brand. But we think the best way to do that is through promotional materials that feature your organization's artwork or logo, and promote appreciation too! We've streamlined our online selection, but no matter what you're looking for (seriously - we did custom rubber ducks once) we can find you the perfect fit!

3. Send A Sweet Treat

Sugar talks, and we aren't mad about it. Treat them to something as sweet as they are with an edible gift.
After all, it doesn't have to be complicated to demonstrate how grateful you are for the difference they make on your team. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of sweetness.


4. Delight Them

We aren't going to lie - this is one of our new favorites. Our Delightly line was specially created to take the guesswork out of giving with curated kits for every moment. We've worked to come up with with almost every occasion so that you are guaranteed to make an impact as big as the event you're celebrating.
Sometimes, you might not be in a position where you can demonstrate your appreciation to your team with a physical gifts. It could be for a million different reasons, including the fact that there have been unprecedented financial changes for people and businesses, but even if you can't splurge on a present, you can recognize your team with some kind words. Our favorite way to do that is to send our team an e-praise to brighten up their inbox or a mock award to generate a smile .
These days, getting your team the gift is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. No matter if they're all in the same office, working from home, or splitting their time, we can assist in coordinating some doorstep delivery so you can get them the recognition that they deserve.

Now more than ever, the day to day rigors of work are complicated with large obstacles. From health and safety to restrictions on meetings and gatherings, the daily components of our jobs and lives have drastically changed. So we believe that it's more important than ever to celebrate the little wins for your team.

You may not have hit the same numbers as last year, but did your team show up every day and do their best? Celebrate it! Did they retain a client or manage to grow an opportunity? Cherish it. Did they have a bad day but not let it stop them? Ding, ding, that's a winner!

We know that life continues to look different than it has. But the people who make up your organization are the reason behind your success, and even if that doesn't look the same as it has in the past, we can't wait to see how you celebrate them.
We love to get excited about recognition, so if you post any photos or updates about your team and how you're celebrating the small stuff, we'd love to see! Tag us @baudville on any social platform and we'll give you a thumbs up!


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