5 “WOW” Customer Service Gifts Your Team Will Love

September 22, 2015


Customer Service Week is just about three weeks away (October 5-9, 2015). Are you prepared to celebrate and appreciate your hardworking team? If not, I can get you up to speed right away with our top gifts for 2015! I sat down with our fearless New Product Coordinator, Kendra, who was more than excited to show me her favorites, so I can share them with you.

  1. Get Your Ne-On. Seriously, neon hasn’t been this hot since Madonna wasn’t just like a virgin. Of course, we responded to this fluorescent force with new drinkware and new journals that will shine as brightly as your service stars. Add great value into the mix, and you have gifts that please both your budget and your team. Check out our Value Tumblers with Candy Striped Straws at about $4.50 each, our Neon Journals for just under $7 each, or pair the two in a Gift Set for less than $10


  1. Give Totes Adored. You know what your team wants for Customer Service Week—besides your undying gratitude? Gifts they will use that they’ll also be proud to show off. Our new Chevron Totes have a modern twist with trendy colors, popular patterns, and fun messages, while also being functional for everyday use. The best part? They’re perfect for giving to large groups at under $5 each!


  1. Deck Their Desks. Your customer service professionals likely spend the majority of their days at their desks. What can you do to make their surroundings more like home and less like ho-hum? You can give them Flower in a Pot Pens that will brighten up their workspaces while also giving a daily reminder of how much their work matters! (By the way, my favorite is the palm tree, which is gender neutral and reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach. Ahhh.) Guess what? They’re also less than $5 each.


  1. Dress to Express. Your team is filled with rock stars and super heroes, and it’s no secret you think they’re all kind of a big deal. Tell everyone how you feel with Team Shirts™! They’re not only a cool way to unite your team, they’re also fun to wear, great at starting conversations, and a vehicle for promoting your brand when your reps are out in the wild. Yes, Team Shirts can do all that, while saying thank you in a meaningful way. These are no ordinary tees!


  1. Say the Magic Words. No matter what you decide to give your team for Customer Service Week, don’t leave out the most important part: thank you. Pocket Praise® cards are ideal for writing a short note to accompany each gift. They make a complete appreciation statement and create a memorable exchange between you and your team members. They’re also only 56¢ a card!

Now that you know what to give, check out these expert resources for making your Customer Service Week a success with employee recognition gifts:

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