6 Free Tools Everyone Should Be Using for Employee Recognition

October 30, 2014

Free-Recognition_Tools  We are always trying to offer new content and tools on Baudville.com that help you and your managers become rock stars of employee recognition. It is an important part of every organization to maintain an employee recognition program that includes everything from the quick and easy day-to-day recognition tools to the more formal awards for annual year end ceremonies or larger accomplishments.

Our Recognition Resource Center is the hub of all things employee recognition. It has everything you need to get informed, get ideas, be prepared, and to recognize!

Here are 6 free tools for you to take advantage of today (make sure to share them, so your friends can benefit too!):

Get Informed:

1 - Free RecogNation - This hearty publication is a go-to resource that combines research, current trends, and expert know-how to arm you and your organization with the knowledge to create and maintain a great culture and place to work.

2 - Free RecogNation Blog - Feed your inbox with a healthy dose of inspiration and resources. When you sign up for the employee recognition blog, you'll get daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, wellness, and more!

Get Ideas:

3 - Free eBooks - With over 28 eBooks on topics like starting a recognition program, customer service or volunteer appreciation, having fun at work, company pride, office energizers, and more you are sure to find ideas on anything you need for fresh recognition ideas throughout the year.

Be Prepared:

4 - Free Recognition Event Calendar - Stay up to date on all upcoming recognition events, holidays, and fun days. We even give you a link for ideas or products to help you get prepared for these special days.

Recognize Now:

5 - Free ePraise - Forgot to buy a card? No Sweat. Baudville offers a wide variety of eCards that you can send now or set up to send at another time. You will be able to say Congratulations, Happy Anniversary or Birthday, Way to Go, or even Happy Boss's Day. Whatever the occasion, there's an ePraise card you can send in no time. Phew, that was a close one!

6 - Free Downloads - Almost 40 free downloads ready for you to use! Get employee recognition tools, games, guidelines, checklists, and surveys absolutely free. Your teammates are sure to laugh out loud at our popular Print and Post messages—they are so much fun!

Download the Free 52 Ways to a Positive Culture eBook!

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