6 Symptoms of a Team Member Who Radiates Pure Awesomeness

March 10, 2016 Abby


If International Day of Awesomeness isn’t something to celebrate, then I don’t know what is.  (Rumor has it, this quirky little holiday was created in honor of Chuck Norris’ birthday.)


If someone were to ask you the question, “Who are the three people you like to work with the most?” chances are those awesome individuals probably share many of the same characteristics:

  1. They’re Fun: Team members who are often found laughing and joining in on the office antics while encouraging others to do the same, are a delight to work with.  They’re the ones who go out of their way to organize department-wide March Madness competitions, happy hours and have Fun at Work Day bookmarked on their calendars months in advance.
  2. They’re Responsive: Awesome coworkers never make an ongoing project come to a screeching halt by failing to provide valuable feedback or approval via email or phone.  They understand the concept of urgency and are always conscious of essential turnaround times and deadlines.
  3. They’re Timely: Being respectful of other people’s time, is a coveted quality in any employee.  Office gems get to work early or on time and communicate with the team when they are running a few minutes behind schedule. 
  4. They Curb their Annoying Habits:This one is a doozy – It’s the Achilles heel of many a cubicle buddy. It’s hard to exude awesomeness when other’s catch you leaving the copier jammed, chomping and slurping loudly on your midafternoon snack or humming along with your Pandora station.  Considerate colleagues understand the community aspect of the workplace and abide by the unspoken office rules. 
  5. They’re Appreciative: More than likely the people you enjoy working with the most are the ones who make you feel amazing about yourself.  They give credit where credit is due and are always looking for creative ways to recognize the effort of others.
  6. They Bring Snacks: The way to a coworker’s heart is through their grumbling tummies.  No, seriously.  Coworkers who surprise their team members with free snacks can help boost morale and improve productivity.

Do you have a truly awesome team member? What characteristics make them stand out from the crowd? Comment below!


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