6 Ways To Celebrate Nurses Week This Year

March 26, 2021 Lane Hokanson



1. Words Matter

Receiving a thoughtful and personal message of gratitude from your direct supervisor gives you a feeling of validation and recognition.

E-Praise: Check out our FREE E-Praise Here!  

Emails : The message will have to be individual to each team member, but here are 3 ways to keep it fun!

  1. Include a GIF
  2. Don't be afraid of a good pun
  3. Add a meme/humorous image!

Envelopes : Keep it traditional with these fun physical shout outs!


2. The Way To Their Heart Is Through Their Stomach

They have enough going on! Make it a happy + healthy lunch with boxed lunch catering!

Usually, you can search for boxed catering in your area / call your favorite catering company and ask if they do individual servings.

However, we also discovered this company that has you covered!


3. Sing Their Praises

Sure, some 1x1 recognition is always going to feel great. But there's nothing quite like hearing your supervisor/boss/office manager congratulating your efforts!

Post on a bulletin board, create a hashtag, or post on your internal recognition platform.

Need ideas for a hashtag? Check out this hashtag generator! (Yes, we know it's technically for weddings, but trust us - it works!)


4. Have A Virtual Celebration

These days, gathering for a happy hour is even harder to plan. Instead, set up a virtual celebration where team members can gather to have a toast and say hooray!

Need help planning? We've got ya covered. Check out this blog post! 

Want some fun backgrounds? Done.

Want to make it super easy? Our drink kits just need spirits, and you've got a happy hour ready to go!


5. Deliver Gratitude To Their Front Door

Even if your nurses are in-house and back to the front lines, it can be an extra-special feeling to get a gift at your front door.

Did you know that we handle that all for you? We'll pair you with a dedicated account manager, and take care of all of the ins and outs of individual address delivery!

Learn More About Our Multi-Ship Capabilities Here!

We can deliver pretty much anything, but our favorite thing to send are our Delightly kits!


Looking for something to put at their station instead?



6. Promote Appreciation + Your Brand

Branded appreciation just hits different! Boost their morale and your brand's footprint with some swag that they'll truly use every day!


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