6 Ways to Make Employee Christmas Gifts Memorable

December 8, 2021 Scott Gillis

When it comes to employee Christmas gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. What makes your gift memorable for your employees is the way you give it. Here are six ways you can make your employee Christmas gifts memorable this holiday season: 

1. One-on-one giving. Give each of your employees some face time this holiday season. Sit down with them or briefly visit at their desk when you deliver the gift. This is a great opportunity to informally give recognition for outstanding accomplishments and efforts from the year. 

2. Include a card. If your team is often out of the office or at multiple locations, include a holiday greeting card with each employee Christmas gift. Write a personal note to employees expressing your appreciation for all they do. 

3. Make it personal. Include something personal with each of your employee Christmas gifts. If you are looking for something festive try a Baking Spirits Bright Kit, include a personal cookie recipe or a favorite flavor of hot cocoa. 

4. Give a gift they can use. A memorable employee Christmas gift is one employees can use long past the holidays. A journal, coffee mug or desktop items serve as reminders of your appreciation all year. 

5. Personalize your gift. The holidays are a popular time of year to give and receive gifts personalized with monograms and logos. By adding a name, date or logo to an employee Christmas gift, the employee has a lasting memento of his time at your organization and a token of his contributions. 

6. Gift wrapping. When it comes to your employee Christmas gifts, the presentation counts. Gift wrapping your items not only provides a nicer presentation to your employees, but it also lets them know you care. 

Most importantly, use the opportunity of employee Christmas gifts to reinforce the value of individual employees’ contributions. It’s important for employees, and employee engagement, to feel like they are contributing to the organization’s overall mission and success . Let your employee Christmas gifts reinforce the value each individual brings to your team and organization. 

Looking for employee Christmas gift ideas? Visit our Holiday Headquarters to find the gift that employees and your budget will love.  We even have curated gift guides to cross off all that you need from your list.



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