7 Events in April You Won't Want to Ignore

March 25, 2016 Abby

Being headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, no one knows the phrase “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb” better than people here at Baudville.  After enduring several late-in-the-game snowstorms we couldn’t be more excited for April and all the rain, flowers and events worth celebrating it brings!  Staff appreciation days and weeks are designed to help you acknowledge your hardworking team members, and this coming month is chock-full of opportunities to recognize. If you thought Employee Appreciation Day was a blast, buckle up, because National Volunteer Week, Administrative Professionals Week and National High Five Day are comin’ for ya!


For all you planners out there, here are a few upcoming events that you are going to want to celebrate with your team!

April 1 – April Fool’s Day: All of the office jokesters and mischief-makers rejoice! Start plotting your pranks and brainstorming some original jokes to add a little levity to the first of the month. 

April 10 - 16: National Volunteer Week: Give a “Hip Hip Hooray!” to the individuals who make up the heart and soul of your organization. Whether it’s with an appreciation event, award or thank you gift, celebrating the dedication, sacrifice and skillset of your volunteers is absolutely essential.  Struggling to find budget dollars to help appreciate your team? Check out these low-cost or no-cost options!

April 21: National High Five Day: Because who doesn’t love getting a little slap of affirmation every once in a while?! Recognition doesn’t have to be complicated, costly, or time consuming. By simply reaching out with a simple gestures of gratitude, you can lift the spirits of any colleague – and what better day to that than National High Five Day!

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day: Can we can a “whoop whoop!” for National Jelly Bean Day? We love jelly beans around here because…well, there is sugar in them. Not only are they bright, cheery and delicious, but they make great gifts for the sweetest of colleagues.

April 25 – 30: Administrative Professionals Week:  If you’ve glazed over everything you’ve read so far, listen up, because you simply can’t afford to forget about this recognition holiday.  This is the week to admire, acknowledge and celebrate the ones who keep your office running smoothly.  Can’t celebrate all week long? Be sure to make their day on April 27 extra special during Administrative Professional's Day.

April 28:  Take Your Children to Work Day:   Every year on the fourth Thursday of April, more than 37 million Americans participate in Take Your Kids to Work Day. This special event is bound to bring a breath of fresh air and youth into your office. Help inspire your employee’s kiddos by letting them watch their heroes in action! 

April 30: Hairstylist Appreciation Day: Give a shout out to the ones who keep you looking fabulous - a simple note or an adorable desk accessory will surely brighten their day and make them feel the love. 

Is your organization celebrating any of these employee recognition holidays?  Tell us how in the comments below!

Abby moved to the great state of Michigan and joined the Baudville team as the Digital Marketing Coordinator in 2016.  An admitted social media fanatic and grammar-lover, she's excited to play to her strengths by contributing to Baudville's blog, social media channels and e-marketing efforts.  Download the Free Volunteer Appreciation Ideas eBook!

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